Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Had OB-GYN appointment this morning. I left early, Papa home with the three grandbaby girls. I was taken early as the Stork was flying around one hospital and circling for a landing at another. They rushed me back and through the steps before you see him, saw him and out of there before my appointment time. Since I had some time before I was expected home I made a quick stop by the bank to deposit a check and get some cash. And SHUSH DON'T TELL I then decided my favorite haunt Nancy's Calico Patch was open and I had time to stop by, Papa would never be wiser. They only had two working, one on floor and one in classroom. Owner at a meeting and another employee at teacher/parent conference. But I did get two rulers for an upcoming class. A neat newspaper print in black and white design fabric.

Got a yard. Not sure what I'll do with it but thought I must own a yard of it.Then I bought a few square of fabrics, a couple fat eighth's and fat quarter that took my eye and the main reason for my stopping in to pickup Martha's free Design of the Month.

Will add some pictures later...have to check on supper!!! OH CRAP.....Stocks tumble after Bank Bailout Plan Announced.........just came on braking news alert.........I DID NOT need to hear that.......Not much left in our IRA's as it is now.....and what few stocks we own have also gone to H in a hand-basket.....neither worth the paper they were written on...........sure wish we had sold out back in May!!!

My opinion when they were dropping rates and homes selling for so much more than appraised......they should have been raising the rates..........if they had then now there would be something to lower to help........and heck it may have prevented this MESS.........and apparently since Andrea' husband kept dropping them...........we're doomed...


Laurie said...

I share your frustration Elaine! We lost a lot of money, and just quit all together putting our money into the market, at least with the savings we can get some interest! This has been crazy, I hope Obama can start to get us out of this mess!
Hey, I love the fabric stores. I always find something I need, even if I don't know what for! It's a sickness of mine!

quiltingnana said...

nothing wrong with visiting a fabric shop!!!!
Understand your frustration with current economics...sure wish they would get better soon

QuiltedSimple said...

I hope the economy turns around soon! Can't wait to see pics of your goodies from your shopping trip!