Friday, February 20, 2009


Lyn over at Welcome to Bluebird Quilts is hosting a silent auction on a package she has put together with the proceeds to go to Bushfire Appeal. It's really a neat package...

7 packets of Mouline Embrodiery Floss to match the fabrics--- (I love that floss for smocking, too)
1 Pin cushion
1 Cute China Sewing Machine ornament
1 Tape Measure in a Gorgeous Tin
1 Pattern with the 1930's flavour
A small tin suitcase 6 x 4 x 2-5/8 containing
12 Fat 1/8ths which appear to be the 1930's reproductions to me.

She has a really good picture of the package so go check it out NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Averett Lady Nana, the exchange rate changes everyday.At the moment for one american dollar the aussie dollar is approx .65 cents.So if you bid US 25- you divide that by .65 = A38.46 approx.I hope that makes sense.Thank you for your comments and being so kind to post the Silent Auction on your blog, very much appreciated.Warm Regards Lyn I will postscript on my blog and change it, I will do the conversion to make it easier.