Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hope all of you had a Merry and Blessed Christmas! Ours was wonderful...twenty of us gathered here to eat...we had two new ones this year...step-daughter has a new male friend and he and his twenty year old son joined up. First year her x hasn't been here to eat and open gifts with us. BUT he did come with the oldest grandson later that day and while here it started SNOWING!!!! They came back the next day and the oldest grandson and his daddy shoveled our walkway and path down the driveway to the street. Put our trash and recycle dumpsters out to the curb.

SNOW!!! yes a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! and by the time it stopped the day after we had over a foot of white fluffy stuff!!!! It was beautiful!!!
Rachel out the early morning of the 26th.

Emily early the morning of the 26th.

Laura early the morning of the 26th.

Laura on the 27th. She and Rachel thought the snow on the tables and chairs looked like birthday cakes so the had their mom hand over some birthday candles and celebrates with snow cakes.
This on though dated the 27 was the 26th around 10 or so. Legend had a wonderful time romping in the snow. He'll be 11 in February but still loves snow. He would go out and come in and head to another door to go out and come back inside. Had to make sure it was snowing outside all doors.

I had nothing I could think of that I wanted for Christmas so had my DH to give me the Accu Cutter Go I bought a few months ago and never have taken it out of the box as been so busy around here. Hopefully I'll get nerve to try it soon.

I did get one surprise I had read about Amish Cooking cookbook
on A JOYFUL CHAOS blog. She's a former Amish lady who writes about her youth growing up Amish and will tell us why she and her husband left the Amish. I tried and tried to find a copy on line to purchase. . . Well my DD found a slightly used copy and grabbed it for me!!! I was so surprised when I opened that box. And another cookbook I'd been wanting by the Lafayette, Louisiana Junior League. Her mother-in-law gave me a Gooseberry Patch cookbook I'd been wanting...So it was a sewing and cookbook Christmas for me!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First before I announce who won the Cookbook "My Mama Made it" I must apologize for being late drawing the winner. But Sunday afternoon my F-I-L was admitted to the ER and into the hospital with Heart Problems. He was released yesterday and hopefully the medications adjustments will help stop the spells he has suffered with the past few weeks with dizziness, weakness and such.

In order for me to contact you please make a comment so I can reply to it via email to obtain your mailing address. Comments to my blog sends an email to me to approve or not for publication. I can respond to the person by clicking on reply. I will do that to request your mailing address, you reply back with it...that never appears on my blog just in my private email account.

What I did was each time you qualified for a chance I sent the approval email to an email file for giveaway. I then printed of that list, cut the list into strips, folded them, tossed them in a container and drew one.

Visit her blog....this is a lady who lives and also grew up in the county where I grew up!!! However, I don't know her as she is ''A LOT Younger'' than I am and lived in another part of the county from where I lived. Back in my day there were several elementary schools later the smaller ones closed and all children attended the one that I attended. In my day you generally didn't meet people from various parts of the county (unless relatives lived in other sections) until High School. Reading her blog has brought back many memories...her remembering as a tiny child me as a teenager/young adult.

Congratulations CHESAPEAKE BAY WOMAN!!!! Her favorite food was her Grandmother's Fried Chicken....she wrote----

"Oh! A contest! I hope I'm not too late.

My grandmother's fried chicken was the best, and the recipe has never been written down, I just watched her. The whole process took forever especially when you include the soaking of the chicken in salt water for hours before frying. But she made the absolute best chicken ever. My mother can make a reasonable facsimile, and I have tried but it pales in comparison.

There's nothing like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Nothing."

Never had her grandmother's fried chicken but I can verify the best fried chicken bar-none comes out of Mathews County!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

GIVEAWAY---This time mine...

I am having a GIVEAWAY!!!

It's a cookbook called "MY MAMA MADE IT!" by the Junior League of Hampton Roads here in Virginia.

This is the newest and fourth cookbook that the Junior League of Hampton Roads has written. All four are fabulous.

Rules are...make a comment telling me your favorite recipe and who gave you the recipe or what cookbook it is in. For one chance in the drawing.

For a second chance post about it on your blog and tell me so I can verify...

And another chance if you are a follower of my blog tell me.

You must have a blog and a way I can reply to your comment.

I will make the drawing on the Sunday, December 12th, 2010. I will notify the winner either on Sunday or Monday. If no reply in 24 hours I will redraw on Thursday.


Go by as fast as your fingers take you to visit my friend LOLA of ...and Sew On
That girl is having a fabulous giveaway HOMESPUN CHRISTMAS
Homespun fabrics, patterns, fabric panel, etc. Check it out...ASAP

And check back with me...I'm doing a giveaway as well....will try to post it tonight....