Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday DD and I headed out to Hampton to attend the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival being held this weekend at the Hampton Convention Center. We only had an hour or two but made good use of our short time there.

I think if you click on the picture you'll get a larger one of it..

This quilt, I am so sorry I do not have a full picture of it...the top is cut off as is part of the lower border... but it was SO AWESOME...I regret I did not take now the lady's name who made this memorial quilt in honor of her son's service in the US Army. He gave it all to keep our freedom. The center of it is actually his camouflage jacket.

I am more of the traditional quilter I love and do Log Cabins, Dresden Plate, Grandmother's Fan, Double Wedding Ring, etc. But, I also love the pictorial quilts though I have not bit the bullet to try on yet. At quilt shows they seem to be the ones I take pictures of...

I thought this was neat winter/spring scene.

I cut part of this off when I took it....I'm not sure if this was done by the lady who has done some of rooms in the past where you swore you were peaking through the door or window into someones house (living room, bedroom, kitchen)...and the colors in this one were more muted if she did this one...but right for this scene.
I am a nut about Christmas and this one needless to say I thought was wonderful...

I admire album quilts and would love to get up nerve to do one...this was a beautyThis one took my eye too...such precision...

Love this one...brought back memories of my childhood visiting my great-grandmother who raised chickens and sold their eggs to some family, friends local rural general store for extra "egg money" money.
Though I don't consider yo-yo quilts as being a quilt since no batting and now quilting...but I have made a yo-yo quilt and it takes as much time....I loved this one and now itching to take mine apart and rearrange it.
I am daffodil lover having grown up in a major daffodil growing area. I just loved it!!!
And being a huge baseball fan, having a daughter who was a local baseball all-star in Little League, Junior League, Senior League, AAU, JV and Varsity until she switched to softball in her Junior year in high school and a grand son who also was an all-star Little League, AAU and Junior League---he was also on the Red Sox teams in those leagues. Boston Red Sox is also his favorite team. I was naturally drawn to this one...
Those who know me I am a huge dog lover and also cat and cat quilts always call out my name...

Love bays and oceans well all bodies of water and anything to do with sea life

A closer look

This was wonderful...
as was this one...
fan of blue and white...
another blue and white beauty

I did see a pattern for this one and purchased it.


Rachel turned three this week and we all gathered to celebrate.

There were plenty of presents but one of the best was fingernail polish in a gift bag full of girlie things. Year older sister Laura helps opens the separate bag they were in.

Rachel's friend watches as she opens another gift.

The big gift was a huge hit her first big girl bike!

Around the kitchen table her sisters, younger cousins and friends gathered for their birthday cake and ice-cream.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I WON ! ! ! I WON ! ! ! I WON ! ! !

Did I tell you??? I WON ! ! !I WON!!! I WON Laurie's giveaway!!! I am too excited!!! She makes these beautiful crazy quilt wall-hangings with photos in's a picture of one she has made...

She asked me what color fabrics I preferred and I told her blue any shade I love!!! I have to find some pictures to email her and send laces, buttons, charms and such I want on it.

This weekend my project will be to go through my collection of laces and mother-of pearl buttons from my heirloom sewing to snail mail to her. This weekend I have to decide what pictures to email her...I'm trying now to decide if the pictures will be . . . ancestors or grandbabies ? ? ?

Be sure to go visit Laurie at BLUE WATERS

Monday, February 15, 2010


I recently acquired some new to me items which I brought home with me...

A couple weekends ago there was an estate sale a block or so from our house. DD and I went over to take a look on the second day when things were discounted 30%, third day 50%. Third day was snowed out and was held this past Saturday but I didn't get over to see what was left. I did find for 30% off of $25. a nice heavy pewter coffee pot...when checking out I learned there was a creamer that went with sugar dish...but that's ok I have another pewter creamers and sugar bowls just no coffee or tea pots...

Then last Tuesday my 92 year old d-m-i-l had some things for me to take home with me...she is busy cleaning out things so there won't be so much for me to have to do "when her time comes"...two sets of placemats I have given her over the set is blue toile and the other blue with yellow floral and I am glad to have those as I am huge fan of toile and loved them when I bought them for her years back.

She also had this wonderful vintage cross-stitched tablecloth

and these pillowslips with this fabulous trim...the pillowslips have seen better days so I plan to remove the trim and put it on a new pair of pillowslips.


Jake will turn Sixteen on the 16th! We gathered Sunday, Valentine's Day to celebrate!

Jake had marinated and grilled pork loins, his mom made stringbeans, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. I took rolls.

After eating he opened presents with his cousins gathered around...

There were gift cards, money, clothes, key chain for his truck keys, etc.
Here is Nana O'Bryan with Justin and Jake on either side of her before she had to leave to go back home.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wishing all of you out in Blog Land a Very Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fabric Goodies

Isn't this beautiful? I ordered it from Blog friend Barb of "Bejeweled Quilts By Barb"

She lives in America Samoa and she has a web-store which has yummy Samoan and Hawaiian fabrics at delightful prices. Look at these seven beauties I ordered from her.

Coming all that distance you'd think it would take weeks but I got them in just a few days.

And she sent me this wonderful cosmetic bag for a treat and let me tell you I am so enjoying it.

So go by and visit Barb of Bejeweled Quilts and there is a spot on her sidebar where you can pop over to her store


Don't know where the past four years went but Laura is four today!!! We gathered and celebrated family and friends making her day very special.

Laura and sister Rachel who will be three in two weeks.
Great-grandmommy Campbell watching Laura open her gifts.
New clothes..
There were coloring books, crayons, Campbell Barbie Doll, Books, lipstick, candy, Little Pony, and the last gift was a beautiful princess bike from Mommy and Daddy.

Laura enjoying her birthday cake and ice-cream

Happy Birthday Princess Laura!!!