Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ten Years Ago Today

I've seen this on several blogs and decided to tag anal is that??

I was in Boulder, Colorado for the Louisville Slugger ASA National Softball Tournament with the team my daughter played on the Virginia Legends. It was the first and only time I had been to the Rocky Mountains except to fly over them in 1974 going to Hawaii. We were still there on July 4th and went up to a national park and had a snowball fight. That night we attended a fireworks show at the University. It was the most awesome fireworks display I have ever seen.

Some I have done already, some still to do.
1.Clean the cat's litter boxes. The good dump everything, scrub out, refill with new litter, cleaning.
2. Do something on my blog.
3. Go through and toss some old (and I mean OLD) magazines.
4. Cut some strips for my stashbusting projects.
5. Attend District 7's Junior Division Little League Tournament which grandson is playing in. They won yesterday!!! GO WARWICK!!! In spite of his sore shoulder (muscles not growing as fast as bones) he made a lot of awesome plays in the field and several really good hits. Several doubles and RBIs plus scoring himself. Can you tell I am a proud Nana?

Popcorn with butter and some popcorn salt not regular salt.
Celery with guacamole.
CHOCOLATE with caramel in is great...but any CHOCOLATE will do.
Salsa with corn chips.
Shrimp either in a butter/garlic sauce or cocktail sauce.
Peach ice-cream.
Lordy that made me hungry!

1. Set up trust funds for education for my grandchildren current and future and their children and so on.
2. Take the entire family to Hawaii for a month.
3. Buy back my two grandfather's home places.
4. Set up trust funds for my daughter and stepdaughter so they wouldn't have to work if they didn't want to and could be stay at home moms.
5. Have a family meeting, decide where we would like to live, buy a LOT of land there and build us some really nice homes so we'd be close together.
6. Build a no-kill animal shelter for dogs and cats. A really nice one.
7. Build a dome complex for our little league (all divisions--t-ball through Senior) in our area as it is always so COLD when the season starts. But make it mandatory the workers there are all volunteers. No paid umpires! No paid concession works! Hey, I sweated my behind off in the concession stand and put AC in it when I ran it for three years, worked it for five years and help run it another year. Plus I did the fields with my husband and daughter when she played it. I hated it when she went to Jr. and Sr. League and had to leave that complex...they should have put it there instead of putting in a soccer field and put the soccer field where the Jr./Sr. League field is. Hey, that was back in the 80's and 90's and I'm still upset over it! And now they pay $10,000. for umpires for Jr./Sr. Baseball and some softball which they added after she finished playing Sr. League Baseball with the boys. That frosts me as our entire operating budget was that much back in the day. Hey it's for the KIDS!!! They are certainly worth volunteering your time for...they are our greatest resource!

Newport News
How's that for boring??? Only three places, one of those college and all in the same state.

In highschool retail Sales for Silco.
In college assistant to district manager during a summer for Silco.
In college salesclerk at Miller and Rhoads.
Supervisor at Miller and Rhoads.
Substitute teacher.

And now I am suppose to tag others....If you want to do it you're tagged, if not you're not tagged.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Halloween Apron Swap

I just joined my first swap! I feel so blog literate! That's saying something for someone as computer illiterate as I am.

If you love Halloween and if you love aprons you may want to check out this blog and join up for the Halloween Apron Swap too!

Hey, I added a link and it actually worked! I am so proud of myself!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Father-in-law, new pattern and my ramblings

The above is an article my brother-in-law emailed me on my father-in-law which appeared in local newsletter on retired firefighters in our town.

Yesterday, I went and had my second pedicure. I used gift certificate I received for Mother's Day as part of my gift from one of my step-daughters. I also treated myself to a manicure. Something I have not had professionally done since my great-aunt used to treat me to one occasionally at the beauty salon in our county when I was a little girl. Echie always did things like that to make me feel special. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to have someone do your nails. And brought back so many precious memories of Echie.

After my pedicure and manicure treat I went a couple doors down to visit the ladies at my favorite hangout Nancy's Calico Patch in the Hidenwood Shopping Center. I have always shopped at the stores in that storefront. As a teenager it was Junior World a boutique that carried the best clothes. Didn't know it at the time but 10-15 years later I dated the manager's son for a few years. We went our separate ways. The worse part was I didn't get get to see her as often but she and I remained close until her death at a much to early age. Then when I moved to this area that storefront housed Trends and Traditions an interior decorating store which I loved. I had them make cushions for my great-grandmother's rattan rocking chair I had inherited and matching floor cushions. Also purchased some dust collectors there. All three of the stores have the same wide plank wood floors which are stained a dark shade in the very front portion. I love the way they creak and moan when people walk across them. Those floors have always given those three shops so much character.

While in Nancy's Calico Patch I purchased two reusable plastic tote-bags (on the order of the Scout bags) that could be for pool, picnics, shopping, etc. One was blue with flowers and the other had black-eyed susan's on it with green background. Daughter took the blue one. I also bought a pattern for a clothespin apron. She's gone green and uses my clothesline. She leaves my clothespin bag out there so the other day I bought some new heavy duty wooden clothespins. I plan to make her the apron and load the deep pockets with clothespins and reclaim my bag of clothespins. I just may make me one of those aprons too. Her birthday is coming up in July so I may save it for part of her birthday present.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baseball, painting, grandchildren, etc.

It's been a busy week. Saturday, the coach first said that all-stars couldn't be announced until Sunday. An email would be sent out to the families in the league naming all the all-star divisions and who would be on those teams. He then asked daughter if her 14 year old son could go to be fitted for uniform at four on Sunday afternoon. She said he could and he then asked if she knew what that meant and she said yes she did. He then said to keep it under her hat. Sounds like we'll have more baseball games to attend this summer. Which makes us happy. He's following the footsteps of his auntie who was an all-star every year and played baseball on boys teams from age 7-16 in the Little League organization and also AAU. She also played fast pitched softball and ASA fast-pitch. Last summer she played on a woman's team and coed team for softball but can't this year since expecting again. Her husband is playing and we attend his games. We are also fans of the local team in the Carolina Coastal League of college baseball stars from various teams and hold season tickets to the home games.

His team won their final game. He had great hits and made good plays. Which was great since he was playing on a bad ankle from an injury the Saturday before when all were afraid the ankle was broken.

Sunday, we had our Father's Day celebration at that daughter's home. We had 18 of us there for a feast of homemade pork barbecue, hot dogs, homemade mac n cheese, homemade baked beans, fruit tray, homemade chocolate meringue pie and homemade strawberry pie, and other goodies. We all stuffed ourselves and the great-grandpa, two grandpas, and three daddies/six daddies since the grandpas are daddies too were all well gifted.

The above is picture take a few months ago of the two grandsons who adore their two young cousins. These two young ladies will gain a baby sister in September. The one with the Boston cap on is the baseball player and the other young man is a wonderful swimmer. His first year swimming competitively was last year and he placed in the city meet at the end of the season! He was also on the winning team of the peewee football super bowl here in our city last fall. The two young ladies are now taking swimming lessons.
Today I spent painting the front porch. Oldest grandson, son-in-law (daddy to the two year old and one year old) and I scraped old paint the past two days. Today I started painting. Tonight I went to swimming lessons to take pictures of the two girls. This is second session for the two year old and first session for the one year old. They love the water!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fabric, Patterns, Baseball, Halloween

Well, we don't have a game to attend tonight. Grandson and another player collided during game Saturday evening. Have not heard who had called for the ball. Or whose ball it was to catch according to where was hit and what position they were playing. At first they afraid grandson had broken his ankle but ER said it was sprained. They put his ankle in an air-cast. Sees an orthopedist this week. His dad took him to dad's sister's pool and worked on it Sunday. Afterwards his mom said he was walking better and looked better too. She said he would wear uniform jersey and sit on bench supporting the team tonight but he called and said he wasn't going. At any rate with the EXTREME HEAT we're not attending. Going to stay home in the AC and ceiling fan and keep as cool as possible.

Over the weekend I ordered on-line some fabrics and patterns. One arrived today from the Fat Quarter Shop. I ordered Sunshine & Sunflowers Quilt of the Month Book Design Originals, and Ho Ho Ho Pattern by Pearl Louise Designs. The Ho Ho Ho pattern I thought would be cute to make up for Christmas either for myself or one of the daughters. I love sunflowers and so does youngest daughter. I'm sure I'll find plenty in it to do up for either of us.

Fabric wise I bought a variety of pieces that tugged on my heartstrings. Daydreams Peony Paisley, Fanciful Felines Blue All Over Cats, Fanciful Felines Purple Cute Cats, Fanciful Felines Aqua All Over Cats, Fanciful Felines Pastel Panel, Fanciful Felines Pink Cute Cats, Marcus Brothers Blue Christmas Magic, and Farmers Market Pineapples.

Some of the fabric I have no idea what I'll do with it but I KNEW I must have them for my stash.
The Fanciful Felines line I have an idea I'll use them to make something for my cousin's daughter. She'll be the big 40 this August. Since her mom died she and I exchange birthday gifts. She loves cats and Halloween. I've been wanting to do something either quilted or a tote or purse for her. I'm thinking a cat purse/tote-bag for her birthday day. And maybe something Halloween theme in October. Maybe a table runner or wall hanging. She like her mom goes all out for Halloween. Her mom, my first cousin died three years ago. When her mom was alive she would dress up and go to this daughter's home and help her with giving out candy and treats. Now, this isn't answering the door and a candy bar, etc. This is a yard all decorated, front porch decorated. They dress up. Inside decorated too. She serves punch, homemade treats (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fudge, deviled eggs, sandwiches), purchased candies, cookies, etc. It's a big Fall Festival for their friends, friend, relatives, and neighbors. I sure wish I lived close enough to attend.

I ordered some baseball fabric from I've been collecting baseball theme fabric to do a quilt at least throw size for my husband.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baseball Hall of Fame

We returned last Sunday from a 'pilgrimage' to Cooperstown, NY to tour the Baseball Hall of Fame. We found Cooperstown to be a beautiful small town which looks like something straight out of Normal Rockwell.

We left home Thursday. Going with us was youngest daughter (she and her husband expecting third daughter in September) and our oldest grandson by middle daughter. Here they are waiting for the museum to open Friday morning.

Picture of the main building at the Hall of Fame. The main entrance, in the section that sits back, was being revamped. We went in a door in the left section of this building. When we left they were letting people in through these doors.
Sign by the door which we entered the building.

Our daughter played baseball from the age of seven through sixteen on boys teams in Little League, Junior League, Senior League and AAU. She was an all-star on the boys team who played second base. During her freshman year in highs school she was the first girl in our state to letter in varsity boys baseball. On that teams she played second, shortstop and occasionally pitched. Her junior year she entered a new school and switched to softball. Where she played shortstop and catcher depending on who was pitching. She also played ASA softball for two years. Here she is paying her respects to the woman in baseball section.
Picture of hubby paying his respects to his youth hero Willie Mays and the New York Giants baseball team from the early 50's.

Our grandson has been playing baseball since he was five. Starting with tee-ball when he was five, Little League and now Junior League. Here is a picture of our grandson paying his respects to his favorite teame the Boston RedSox.
We had shopped in the gift shop at the museum on Thursday evening and again after finishing touring the museum. Then we walked up and down Main Street shopping at the many baseball related stores. Here is a picture of about 1/4 of the baseball camps in a store called "Micky's Place". Every major and minor league team and more. My husband an avid baseball fitted cap collector was in heaven.

Friday evening we attended baseball game at Doubleday Stadium. Perfect weather, good game, who could ask for a better way to end our day before a nice steak dinner.

We left early Saturday morning and arrived in Lancaster, PA which is my all time favorite place not to be a tropical beach around 10:30. Rode around to show grandson the Amish farms, catch a glimpse of the Amish in their buggies, and on the streets in Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse. We hit the Bird-in-Hand Farmer's Market for some of the goodies we love to buy there. Then we went to Route 30 and hit the two outlet centers and daughter and I shopped until we dropped. She, her dad and I had been to Lancaster in March for a long weekend of Amish tourist stuff and outlet shopping in Lancaster and Reading. This trip she stocked up on summer maternity clothes as she had given away her winter maternity clothes after the second child was born. The girls were both born in February a year apart. She was on the pill this time and this child is a huge surprise. The present youngest to be middle child was a surprise too as she had to have fertility help to have the first child. These three little girls are such a blessing to our family.

We left Lancaster EARLY Sunday morning and were home around ten. This week has been busy with catching grandson's baseball games, son-in-law's softball games, and catching the Virginia Pilot's baseball games. The Pilot's are college players from many various universities and colleges.