Monday, June 9, 2008

Fabric, Patterns, Baseball, Halloween

Well, we don't have a game to attend tonight. Grandson and another player collided during game Saturday evening. Have not heard who had called for the ball. Or whose ball it was to catch according to where was hit and what position they were playing. At first they afraid grandson had broken his ankle but ER said it was sprained. They put his ankle in an air-cast. Sees an orthopedist this week. His dad took him to dad's sister's pool and worked on it Sunday. Afterwards his mom said he was walking better and looked better too. She said he would wear uniform jersey and sit on bench supporting the team tonight but he called and said he wasn't going. At any rate with the EXTREME HEAT we're not attending. Going to stay home in the AC and ceiling fan and keep as cool as possible.

Over the weekend I ordered on-line some fabrics and patterns. One arrived today from the Fat Quarter Shop. I ordered Sunshine & Sunflowers Quilt of the Month Book Design Originals, and Ho Ho Ho Pattern by Pearl Louise Designs. The Ho Ho Ho pattern I thought would be cute to make up for Christmas either for myself or one of the daughters. I love sunflowers and so does youngest daughter. I'm sure I'll find plenty in it to do up for either of us.

Fabric wise I bought a variety of pieces that tugged on my heartstrings. Daydreams Peony Paisley, Fanciful Felines Blue All Over Cats, Fanciful Felines Purple Cute Cats, Fanciful Felines Aqua All Over Cats, Fanciful Felines Pastel Panel, Fanciful Felines Pink Cute Cats, Marcus Brothers Blue Christmas Magic, and Farmers Market Pineapples.

Some of the fabric I have no idea what I'll do with it but I KNEW I must have them for my stash.
The Fanciful Felines line I have an idea I'll use them to make something for my cousin's daughter. She'll be the big 40 this August. Since her mom died she and I exchange birthday gifts. She loves cats and Halloween. I've been wanting to do something either quilted or a tote or purse for her. I'm thinking a cat purse/tote-bag for her birthday day. And maybe something Halloween theme in October. Maybe a table runner or wall hanging. She like her mom goes all out for Halloween. Her mom, my first cousin died three years ago. When her mom was alive she would dress up and go to this daughter's home and help her with giving out candy and treats. Now, this isn't answering the door and a candy bar, etc. This is a yard all decorated, front porch decorated. They dress up. Inside decorated too. She serves punch, homemade treats (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fudge, deviled eggs, sandwiches), purchased candies, cookies, etc. It's a big Fall Festival for their friends, friend, relatives, and neighbors. I sure wish I lived close enough to attend.

I ordered some baseball fabric from I've been collecting baseball theme fabric to do a quilt at least throw size for my husband.

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