Friday, June 20, 2008

Father-in-law, new pattern and my ramblings

The above is an article my brother-in-law emailed me on my father-in-law which appeared in local newsletter on retired firefighters in our town.

Yesterday, I went and had my second pedicure. I used gift certificate I received for Mother's Day as part of my gift from one of my step-daughters. I also treated myself to a manicure. Something I have not had professionally done since my great-aunt used to treat me to one occasionally at the beauty salon in our county when I was a little girl. Echie always did things like that to make me feel special. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to have someone do your nails. And brought back so many precious memories of Echie.

After my pedicure and manicure treat I went a couple doors down to visit the ladies at my favorite hangout Nancy's Calico Patch in the Hidenwood Shopping Center. I have always shopped at the stores in that storefront. As a teenager it was Junior World a boutique that carried the best clothes. Didn't know it at the time but 10-15 years later I dated the manager's son for a few years. We went our separate ways. The worse part was I didn't get get to see her as often but she and I remained close until her death at a much to early age. Then when I moved to this area that storefront housed Trends and Traditions an interior decorating store which I loved. I had them make cushions for my great-grandmother's rattan rocking chair I had inherited and matching floor cushions. Also purchased some dust collectors there. All three of the stores have the same wide plank wood floors which are stained a dark shade in the very front portion. I love the way they creak and moan when people walk across them. Those floors have always given those three shops so much character.

While in Nancy's Calico Patch I purchased two reusable plastic tote-bags (on the order of the Scout bags) that could be for pool, picnics, shopping, etc. One was blue with flowers and the other had black-eyed susan's on it with green background. Daughter took the blue one. I also bought a pattern for a clothespin apron. She's gone green and uses my clothesline. She leaves my clothespin bag out there so the other day I bought some new heavy duty wooden clothespins. I plan to make her the apron and load the deep pockets with clothespins and reclaim my bag of clothespins. I just may make me one of those aprons too. Her birthday is coming up in July so I may save it for part of her birthday present.

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