Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's project

Yesterday Robyn brought some onesies over for me to do some machine embroidery on them to personalize for Miss Emily. Below are the results. The third one has ladybugs on either side of her name. The onesies are organic by Gerber and are so SOFT!!!

When 2-1/2 year old big sister Laura saw them she asked me, "Did you 'worded' them, Nana?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She's Here!!!

Here she is Emily Braxton. Daddy just stepped out of the OR with her on the way to the nursery to be checked out by the nurses.
But first Daddy squats down so the two big sisters can see this baby sister who has just been born. We are not sure about this new addition to the family.
Daddy holding up Rachel in the nursery to see her new baby sister being checked out by her nurse.
Daddy holds up Laura up to see her new baby sister being checked out by her nurse.

A close up of Emily after she had her first bath.
Oldest big sister Laura still isn't sure about this new baby sister that Mam-ma is holding.
Mommy holding her newest baby girl---number three in just two and one-half years.

Oldest cousin Jake checking out his newest cousin Emily.

Cousin Justin checking out his newest cousin.
Big sister Rachel attempts to pick up her new baby sister but Mam-ma persuades her to give her a hug instead. Rachel has decided Emily is a keeper. Laura still deciding. While Mommy was in surgery having baby 2-1/2 year old Laura tells us Doctor is cutting out baby sister and pats her butt. We correct her that she's coming out Mommy's lower tummy. Then tells the corrected version to those around.
Aunt Becky, Aunt Charlotte, Nana, Laura and Rachel all got to go into the nursery with Daddy to check Emily Braxton over. Her Daddy gave her the first name Emily and her Mommy gave her the middle name Braxton which was my mother's middle name. Robyn found out she was expecting Emily a couple days before Momma died in January. At that time I was the only one who knew besides Robyn and David and the doctor. I whispered in Momma's ear as she laid in a coma that she was going to be a great-grandmother for the third time by Robyn.
When we took them back this evening to see Mommy as she wasn't back from recovery when we went home for a late lunch and much needed nap after missing our morning naps since we were at the hospital....Daddy takes Laura to see the babies in behind the nursery window but they are all with their mommy's. He asks her what happened to all those babies. And she tells him... threw them in the "trosh" (trash) can.
Laura is concerned that Emily doesn't have any teeth!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From the water hose to our 30th

A picture of two of the most precious grand babies you've ever seen (besides yours of course) grabbing a sip of water from the leaky old hose/faucet at the back of my house when their mom was borrowing my clothesline.

The oldest one started two year old pre-school last week. She goes two hours one day a week. The same one her mommy attended.

They are now awaiting a new baby sister on the 17th unless mother nature decides she's coming earlier.

Saturday we put up our scarecrows and some of our fall decorations in the front yard. The witches well go up the first of October. I'll try to get some pictures and post those later.

Sunday we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary at the middle daughter's house. She had my husband's parents, the three daughters their husbands and all the grandchildren were there for barbecue and hot dogs on the grill and every sort of a side dish you can imagine. Our anniversary is actually on the 16th. But with a new grand baby coming and they wanted it to be a surprise they decided to do it earlier.