Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From the water hose to our 30th

A picture of two of the most precious grand babies you've ever seen (besides yours of course) grabbing a sip of water from the leaky old hose/faucet at the back of my house when their mom was borrowing my clothesline.

The oldest one started two year old pre-school last week. She goes two hours one day a week. The same one her mommy attended.

They are now awaiting a new baby sister on the 17th unless mother nature decides she's coming earlier.

Saturday we put up our scarecrows and some of our fall decorations in the front yard. The witches well go up the first of October. I'll try to get some pictures and post those later.

Sunday we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary at the middle daughter's house. She had my husband's parents, the three daughters their husbands and all the grandchildren were there for barbecue and hot dogs on the grill and every sort of a side dish you can imagine. Our anniversary is actually on the 16th. But with a new grand baby coming and they wanted it to be a surprise they decided to do it earlier.

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