Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mercy---It's Been Almost A Month!!!

Can't get over it's almost been a month since I last blogged. I've been visiting your blogs just haven't added to mine...

Today we celebrated Emily's first birthday which is later this week. First her mommy had prepared a great lunch for family and some of their friends. Then it was time for Emily to have her private cake. Chocolate all the way through. At first she wasn't sure what she was suppose to do...but her two big sisters ages 2 and 3 stuck their finger into in and up for her to lick the icing off...then she dug in and as you can see she thought it was delicious! She ate the entire little cake! That was after she had barbecue, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, baked beans, apple slices, chips, etc.

After the cake her mommy gave her a quick bath and put clean clothes on for her to open her presents. She loved this little pink wagon with blocks inside it her other Grandmommy gave her.
I've gotten back to working on her Christening Gown...this weekend I did the sleeves minus inserting them into the dress...Here's a picture of the wrist area minus the ribbon in the beading.

Her mommy wanted a smocked bodice similar to what I did for her sister Rachel and her cousin Victoria...Not wanting to make a third dress just alike and since I couldn't find pretty wide eyelet bordered batiste I went to Martha Pullen's Grandmother's Hope Chest Book and using her Campbell's favorite gown pattern similar to the one from the that book I did for her sister Laura...anyway instead of the lace shaping in the bodice I smocked a piece with pearls and cut the bodice from it. I did do the lace at the neck....and the skirt is by the book. I showed the skirt panels some months back...
Tomorrow afternoon my plan is to insert the sleeves, sew up the side seams. And HOPEFULLY make the slip....or at least get it all cut out and started.

This week I started decorating outside for fall. This wheelbarrow my DH and I just rebuilt...the only thing original on it are the legs. It was a brick mason's wheelbarrow that was rotting away after many years of service in our yard holding pots of mums and loads of pumpkins in the fall, other plants during the spring and summer. He bought replacement handles, pressure treated wood and designed on similar to one we bought years ago at a festival. I ordered a metal wheel for the front as the original rubber one had been replaced and it too had dry rotted hence it was not holding air.
By the garage we do a fall display...the scarecrows I did 17 and 18 years ago.

Next week I plan to get out my decorations for inside the house and let the grandbabies help put them up. Next thing will be to put the witches up flying into the trees and porch column. And swinging from the facial boards around the porch.