Friday, February 27, 2009


DD's DH got of early today so we went on out to Mid-Atlantic around 1:30. Hope to get back Sunday. My camera acted up and I only got eight pictures before I stopped working or cutting off sometimes before I could take the picture. Guess battery dying on me. Love the colors in this one.
This was one that caught my eye. I wonder if it is a self-portrait of the quilter...

Love this one too.

This was neat the jars looked SO REAL

Close up of one of the jars....notice the thread painting...

I've been wanting to do an under the water Chesapeake Bay Quilt so I snapped a picture of this for inspiration to remind me to do one base on bay life...

This woman does wonderful 'room' quilts each year...I remember a bedroom, a living room in previous years. You'd swear it was a page in a decorating magazine. This year she did a kitchen scene. You'd swear you had peaked into a kitchen. You could almost smell cinnamon buns cooling on the table.

I loved this one too. Reminded me of Colonial Williamsburg...
Several picture I took didn't show up on my disk when I downloaded them...but I expected that from the way my camera was acting up...

I did get it to work to snap a pictures of my loot after I got home. The furthest back is a handbag patchwork quilt a show special on of the booths. In blues and yellows which are my weakness. Next a French tablecloth panel which can be either round or square. I got one several years ago in blue with yellow. A booth had buy 10 fat-quarters $1.75 each get two free couldn't pass that up. Found some more deals on fat quarters bought eight more and half three of them. A couple rotary rulers one for Dresden Plate and one two inch square. A wool pincushion (have a weakness for pincushions), Pink Rotary Cutter show special (a rotary cutter Junkie), wood iron (is that the name?)

Got a lot for what I spent.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night we all gathered at DD's to celebrate Rachel's second birthday. Mommy and Daddy had tons of food to bless our bodies....there were huge Chicken Enchiladas, Barbecue, Coleslaw, Cheeses, Salsas, dips, all sorts of chips. Some of the clan gathered around to celebrate with Rachel the big two year old.

Great-grandparents and oldest cousin on Mommy's side

A new purse is a big hit with the birthday girl...see the necklace Mommy made her second born in three years.

The hair clips in with a outfit and book from Great-grandparents were a hit. She didn't let them out of her site if she laid the down while opening the rest of her gifts.

The Barbie guitar from babysitter Sarah and Sarah's mom Candy was a huge hit. She didn't want to open anything else after she unwrapped it.

A bag of various Play Doughs and other Playdough stuff from cousins Stephanie, Austin and Brendon is a huge hit too...this girl loves playing with her Playdough ...

She must get every piece of gift wrap off of the DVD.
There that almost have it done... Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Family Friend watching Rachel opening her gifts.

Big sister Laura waiting behind scenes to deliver a tricycle...

Big sister Laura showing how you ride it...

The cake was cut before Rachel blew out her candle so the serving of the cake stopped Mommy and Rachel ready blow out her candles out.

Happy Birthday Sweet Rachel can't believe you are two!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I went to Nancy's Calico Patch today to look for something for my giveaway celebrating my 100 posting---read how to enter in for it a few postings below...comments left on this posting will be entered as well as the first posting about it..........I couldn't decide so the winner can decide which they prefer between the two options.

First option is a roll of fat-quarters in the yellow family from Quilting Diva. Here is one side of the roll to get an idea of the fabrics in it.

And here is another section of the roll.

There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 or 12 fat quarters in the roll. And here are some more in the selection.

The second option are two Moda Charm Packs....Friends and Flowers and Quilt Diva.

I couldn't get good pictures of what are in these charm packs but here are a few pictures to give a rough idea.

And regardless of which option the winner selects they will also receive a Clover seam ripper, some flower flat head pins, and some curved safety pins for quilt basting.

There's a good chance I'll toss in some variegated thread or something that catches my eye at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Show coming the end of this coming week.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Lyn over at Welcome to Bluebird Quilts is hosting a silent auction on a package she has put together with the proceeds to go to Bushfire Appeal. It's really a neat package...

7 packets of Mouline Embrodiery Floss to match the fabrics--- (I love that floss for smocking, too)
1 Pin cushion
1 Cute China Sewing Machine ornament
1 Tape Measure in a Gorgeous Tin
1 Pattern with the 1930's flavour
A small tin suitcase 6 x 4 x 2-5/8 containing
12 Fat 1/8ths which appear to be the 1930's reproductions to me.

She has a really good picture of the package so go check it out NOW!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I can't get over it!!! I won a giveaway!!! Lynne over at UFOS, STASH AND MY LIFE had a giveaway for a jellyroll of MAYPOLE fabric and I WON IT!!!

I'm I excited??? Darn right I am!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Go over and visit Lola at sew on she has some great potholdersshe's made she is going to give some lucky person. Not only that she has a great tutorial on how to make them too! How great is that?? Pretty Great I'd say!!! Post a comment and how you'd would use them....what you'd cook.........


I just saw where I have posted 103 times this is my 104th. I had no idea I had posted so many times. So I am going to have a GIVEAWAY to celebrate.

Not sure what it is going to be....something sewing related....maybe some fabric, sewing notions, pattern, etc.

Leave a comment and your name will go into the drawing. Tell about it on your blog and I'll add your name again.

I'll draw the winning name on the night of Sunday, March 1 after Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.

When I get together the giveaway I'll post a picture of it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Friday, if not already x will be x-s-i-l brought the two grandsons by with a dozen white roses for me for Valentine's Day. Aren't they beautiful? They have a blush of pale peach or pink coming up from the stem area. We are so thankful we are on good terms with him and he with us for the sake of the two grandsons. They always arrive with flowers for Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day...

Valentine's morning the three grandbaby girls and their mommy and daddy came over with box of candy each for Nana and Papa. They helped us sample it right's yummy!

Today we celebrated Jake's 15th birthday. It's actually tomorrow. We do it on the Sunday closest to it which is always Daytona 500 Race Day! This year his dad's sister and her family weren't there as her daughter was in a dance competition all weekend long. She is really doing well with her dance troop and also competes in duets and solos.

Mom's oldest sister and her family wasn't there as they wanted to go to northern VA to visit some friend. That's getting to be a habit for his birthday...going to visit friend and isn't sitting well among some of us. Also, not showing up was Granny....Mom's real/bio mom...may have been working or like the last time doing her laundry.

But Nana O was there, G-grandparents C were there, Nana and Papa C were there, little brother was there, Dad was there and of course Mom as she was hosting it. Hotdogs on the grill, barbecue, Nana O brought her wonderful macaroni and cheese and I brought baked beans that both sides of the family like. Lots of chips and such. Papa O is always missed so much since he went to heaven almost five years ago.

Cards with money or checks were a big hit.

Among the things Nana O gave him is the beautiful blue polo shirt.

Cousins were busy playing with the kitty.

Besides baseball he loves to cook and Nana O got him this cute apron besides the shirt and some spending money.

Backpack he wanted that Nana and Papa gave him with some money inside it for spending and a check for savings account.

Something for his PlayStation game his brother gave him.

Aunt and uncle sit on sofa by Papa watching.

Now time for cake. It was an ice-cream cake as he doesn't like cake. This was a layer of chocolate, layer of brownie, layer of vanilla ice-cream, and icing. It was really good.

With the candles lit. Mom and Jake cutting cake with dad getting a picture with is phone, cousins looking on. This cousin loves the blue icing around the edges of the cake. Eyeing the big cake.....she kept reaching over and grabbing more of the blue trim around the base of the cake.

Daddy, uncle, Papa watching baby cousin doing tummy crunches and also working on crawling.

Baby cousin loves her feet. These tights don't come off like my socks do! Just what is the deal?

Happy Birthday JAKE!!!