Monday, February 2, 2009

Give Away

Be sure to go by and visit my good blog friend Laurie at Button N Lace. She is doing a WONDERFUL give away. She makes the most beautiful Family Crazy Quilts which includes family pictures in the blocks. I 'stole' this picture from her blog...hope she forgives me!!!
I think I was the first one to leave a comment and now I noticed she has something like 110 comments. I had intended to post about it yesterday but with the goings on around here I didn't post at all yesterday. She has another picture there of it where you can click on it and see the beautiful details. When you win, you email her the pictures you want her to use and she goes from there.


Laurie said...

Thanks Elaine for your wonderful words! I really appreciate all your kind words about the quilts. I'm blown away by the #'s of participants and comments on these give aways!
Bless you'

scrappy quilter said...

What a AWESOME quilt.

Mary said...

You commented on my blog that my Mom looks familiar...I notice your in Virginia...Mom is in Newport News which is where I grew up. Where are you? Could you possibly know her?