Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night we all gathered at DD's to celebrate Rachel's second birthday. Mommy and Daddy had tons of food to bless our bodies....there were huge Chicken Enchiladas, Barbecue, Coleslaw, Cheeses, Salsas, dips, all sorts of chips. Some of the clan gathered around to celebrate with Rachel the big two year old.

Great-grandparents and oldest cousin on Mommy's side

A new purse is a big hit with the birthday girl...see the necklace Mommy made her second born in three years.

The hair clips in with a outfit and book from Great-grandparents were a hit. She didn't let them out of her site if she laid the down while opening the rest of her gifts.

The Barbie guitar from babysitter Sarah and Sarah's mom Candy was a huge hit. She didn't want to open anything else after she unwrapped it.

A bag of various Play Doughs and other Playdough stuff from cousins Stephanie, Austin and Brendon is a huge hit too...this girl loves playing with her Playdough ...

She must get every piece of gift wrap off of the DVD.
There that almost have it done... Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Family Friend watching Rachel opening her gifts.

Big sister Laura waiting behind scenes to deliver a tricycle...

Big sister Laura showing how you ride it...

The cake was cut before Rachel blew out her candle so the serving of the cake stopped Mommy and Rachel ready blow out her candles out.

Happy Birthday Sweet Rachel can't believe you are two!!!


andsewon said...

Yet another lil doll !!! Adorable!!
Happy 2 cutie pie!!!
I think you all have as many BD's in Feb as we do. Is a busy month to have so few days!!

Nancy said...

What a sweetie, and Happy Birthday to Rachel!
I want to thank you for stopping by yesterday and visiting! Please come back anytime. Blessings, nancy

Millie said...

She is so adorable. Happy Birthday little one!

Jean said...

What a fun birthday she had...all the family and good food and some nice presents to top it all must be so proud of her!

Teresa said...

What a sweet little girl with a great big smile. Happy Birthday Rachel!