Monday, February 2, 2009


My favorite Quilt Shop/Bernina Dealer--Nancy's Calico Patch has an annual Super Bowl Sunday Sale. It started back when she was open on Sunday's after church. When she started closing on Sunday's she continued the Super Bowl Sunday Sale tradition...only Sunday afternoon she's open. SO, yesterday baby dear daughter and I went down around two-ish.

In the side room Nancy has her sale fabrics. Yesterday depending on the color of the dot on the end of the bolt---they were either $2. or $4. a yard...great deals on normal $8.95 and $9.95 a yard fabrics. I go these in the sale room which also serves as the sewing machine/serger room and their accessories along with quilting tools.

The paisley was the end of the bolt after my dbg bought several yards of it....a few inches shy of a yard. The Frog one I bought all on the bolt---which was just under three yards. I thought the frogs were adorable. The other two I bought a yard of to have on hand.

Then all the regular priced fabrics were 20% off and all the pre-cuts were 20% off. So I bought three fat quarters they are hidden in the back of this stack. One is pink with ladybugs...I have bought that fabric by the fat-eighth, fat-quarter, half yard cuts, and yardage!!! The one in front of it with the black background is a darling frog and daisy print. I love daisies. And ya know I think I am developing a thing for frogs. If a frog was on it it jumped out to me yesterday. And I just realized...the one in front of it tied with the ribbon...lily pads....must be frogs in that print too... someplace....I've decided after I got home I'm gong back and see if she has any yardage of that fabric and buy a few yards. The squares at the bottom left side and the fat-eighth's are some I though I should have in my scrap collection so they are hitting the cutting mat ASAP to be rotary cut into squares and strips.
Around six we went over to baby girl's for their Super Bowl Party. DSIL's parents and his brother and his family were there too. We always have a great time with them. We are blessed the two families and all the kids and grandkids get along so well and always have fun together. Lots of great food for a perfect super around the TV watching the game.

His brother and his family left before halftime as kids have early school morning. We left at half-time after watching the show as DH has the crud I've had and hope getting over and he was about ready to lay in bed and watch the end of the game. His parents left a few minutes after we did.

The oldest two baby girls are here now while their daddy takes baby-baby girl to the doctor. She's really congested and never really got over the crud she had right at Christmas.

Congratulations to the Steeler's!!! LOCAL BOY DID GOOD!!! Mike Tomlin the head coach grew up in this town, graduated from one of the local high schools--Denbigh High with the great grades which were high enough to get into William & Mary right up the road in Williamsburg with or without his athletic abilities. He did really great in both academics and athletics. A star in the classroom as well as on the football fields. I am sure his parents are SO PROUD as well as the rest of the city for what a fine young man he is...his parents raise him up right!!!


Barb said...

Love the fabric, what a hall....

scrappy quilter said...

Love, love, love the fabric. What great deals too.

andsewon said...

Oh I am so envious!!!!!! You did good and for Nancy's that was a GOOD SALE! I did not get to Bella's, was very tired after service!
Hope you go read my blog I have passed an award on to you...;-)