Friday, February 6, 2009


My grandbaby Laura is three today! Where has those three years gone! Go by and visit her
Mommy to read her tribute to her first born....brought tears to my eyes this morning...
We were so blessed Robyn had the doctor she did as we came so close to losing this bright spot in our lives. Her doctor canceled all appointments and sat glued to the monitor in the nurses station except when he was in checking on them.
This was taken at 'school' today. They get to decorate their birthday crown with stickers. Mom can bring in donuts instead of the healthy snack but can't bring in cupcakes as they are said to be too messy.
Happy Birthday my precious Laura!!!


Laurie said...

What a beautiful tribute to her baby girl. I really enjoy her blog!
Laurie :)

QuiltedSimple said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!!! What a great tribute and fantastic photo!