Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The other day my friend who is Queen of the Thrift Stores called me while I was ironing fabric. She said she had an iron she had ordered from one of the shopping networks but didn't like it as it was heavy and it was too late to send it back to be returned. I told her I loved heavy irons. I'd buy it from her because mine was getting old, a LOT hours on it and I expected it to die on me any day now. She would try to find in and bring it over but was not taking a cent for it. She came by the other day and it was a Rowenta. I about died!! I was beyond thrilled! Used it last night to iron fabric. It's smaller than my Rowenta Professional model but has the same looking sole plate just a tad smaller. Believe it irons better in fact. The sprayer on mine doesn't work half the time this one works like a charm. Only thing it kept setting off the fire/smoke alarm. I was ironing the same place I always do not directly underneath it but nearby.

While fixing supper last night she called me and described this fabric she saw at one for $2.97. She was at one of the thrift stores in another area of town and she said it was a pile of it. I told her get it I'd pay her. She came on in with this ARMLOAD of blue background large floral print. She thought it had been washed because it felt rather stiff. Between you and me because of that stiffness I doubt I would have bought it. She doesn't have a computer so won't be reading this. I threw it in the washer and dryer. She thought I was crazy to wash it. Told her I threw all fabric in the washer and when it came home with me if it was going to run or shrink I wanted it done before I spent hours making something not afterwards and ruin the project. Out of the dryer and onto the ironing board.
I measured it. Granted it's not top quality fabric but at almost 11 continuous yards for less than Three Dollars!!! I figure I'll use some for a quilt backing and some will be cut up for scrap collection. Maybe a totebag from it. Oh, it did come out softer. It's not wide enough for a decorator fabric but on the heavy side.

My DD had stopped in a thrift store a little over a mile from us and bought a piece of fabric the other day. Told me they had right much in there and a pile of patterns. I needed milk so when I ran out to get it a few minutes ago I ran in there to look. Got some fabric, the price was right, threw it in the washing machine. When it comes out of the dryer I'm cutting it up for Scrap Therapy and Bonnie Hunter Scrap Quilts. I got a pattern for vintage style aprons.
Don't know why this came up sideways it was saved vertically. There were hundreds of patterns in a huge basket. Tons of Vogue. Wish I had time to go through them. Most looked never used. The one I got has been used....I'm just hoping all of the pieces are there.

I did add pictures of the fabrics I talked about under "Tuesday's Ramblings" if you want to see them.


quiltingnana said...

what finds....sometimes I use the inexpensive fabric for small items that I know won't be "heirlooms" or when I want to try out a new block and don't want to cut into the expensive stuff!!!

Laurie said...

Hi Elaine! A Rowenta! What a great break!My iron is in the same shape as, your old one, I really need a new one. I literally drooled over your fabrics, which is not oncommon for me! It's as addictive as chocolate!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I just got a new Rowenta, after wearing out the one I've had for almost 20 years.I can't iron with anything else anymore.

andsewon said...

Great pal ya got there!! That fabric looks and sounds like it was chintz which is stiff and has shine. Normaly not as wide as other decor fabs either. Now is it vintage barkcloth?? If so gal you got a deal!!! Good deal!!
I need a good Thrifyin day too.
Wind out here is HORRID...pup and I may end up in OZ on our next P run!!;-)
Please checkout my blog post for today and maybe pass this info along to other folks..thanks!!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I just dropped by to take a look at your site and laughed when I read your profile as it is almost identical to mine-I also have 7 grandkids and love them to pieces. I quilt, mostly for them, but love it.
I can't wait to read more.

scrappy quilter said...

Great finds. I love thrifting. Love that material.

btw - I had a picture do exactly the same thing last night. Wonder if it's a blogger thing.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

That's pretty good, getting friends and family to do your thrifting for you! ;o) Love the floral fabric, and such a deal!