Saturday, February 7, 2009

Laura's Party

Papa and Great-granddaddy waiting for the party to startFirst we ate and we had either cheese or pepperoni pizza and/or hamburgers on the grill.
Next Laura opened her presents. Christmases and birthdays past she had no interest in opening presents. Open on and run off and play. Today was different...hey this is SO MUCH FUN. She ripped right through them without Mommy's helpful hands.
Hey what is inside this big bag???

Why it's a new purse!!!

And this necklace that Mommy made!

Her great-grandparents were there along with both sets of grandparents, Mommy's two sisters and their families, Daddy's brother and his family, and a bunch of family friends!! There were probably 25 or so helping to celebrate Laura's birthday from four months to age ninety something.
This looks like it is a hit with her.
But this tube of ''Ickstick" was a huge success straight onto the lips and the tube right to her pocket. Stopping between gifts to reapply. It is most important for girls to have lipstick, excuse me "Ickstick" on their lips.
A bright and cheery birthday cake for a bright and cheery three year old!
After cake and ice cream the cousins and friends went outside to play it was in the sixties here today and lots of sunshine. It has been so cold here. Laura takes 'boyfriend' from school for a spin in her pink jeep Santa brought her. It has a radio and they kept changing the station. Cousin Justin is grabbing it to prevent her letting the jeep roll into on of the cars on the side of the street. It's a quiet cul-de-sac and with wonderful neighbors who are always looking out for the kids on the street riding their bikes, skateboards, tricycles, scooters, cars, playing catch, street hockey, street tennis, etc. DD and her friends used to play baseball on the lot her house is built on and you always had to be on the outlook for a baseball back in the day.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG she is adorable!!! Looks like she had one happy day!! Now where can I get a pink jeep?? lolol

scrappy quilter said...

Now there is one adorable 3 year old. What a nice way to celebrate with all many people and all of different ages.