Sunday, February 15, 2009


Friday, if not already x will be x-s-i-l brought the two grandsons by with a dozen white roses for me for Valentine's Day. Aren't they beautiful? They have a blush of pale peach or pink coming up from the stem area. We are so thankful we are on good terms with him and he with us for the sake of the two grandsons. They always arrive with flowers for Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day...

Valentine's morning the three grandbaby girls and their mommy and daddy came over with box of candy each for Nana and Papa. They helped us sample it right's yummy!

Today we celebrated Jake's 15th birthday. It's actually tomorrow. We do it on the Sunday closest to it which is always Daytona 500 Race Day! This year his dad's sister and her family weren't there as her daughter was in a dance competition all weekend long. She is really doing well with her dance troop and also competes in duets and solos.

Mom's oldest sister and her family wasn't there as they wanted to go to northern VA to visit some friend. That's getting to be a habit for his birthday...going to visit friend and isn't sitting well among some of us. Also, not showing up was Granny....Mom's real/bio mom...may have been working or like the last time doing her laundry.

But Nana O was there, G-grandparents C were there, Nana and Papa C were there, little brother was there, Dad was there and of course Mom as she was hosting it. Hotdogs on the grill, barbecue, Nana O brought her wonderful macaroni and cheese and I brought baked beans that both sides of the family like. Lots of chips and such. Papa O is always missed so much since he went to heaven almost five years ago.

Cards with money or checks were a big hit.

Among the things Nana O gave him is the beautiful blue polo shirt.

Cousins were busy playing with the kitty.

Besides baseball he loves to cook and Nana O got him this cute apron besides the shirt and some spending money.

Backpack he wanted that Nana and Papa gave him with some money inside it for spending and a check for savings account.

Something for his PlayStation game his brother gave him.

Aunt and uncle sit on sofa by Papa watching.

Now time for cake. It was an ice-cream cake as he doesn't like cake. This was a layer of chocolate, layer of brownie, layer of vanilla ice-cream, and icing. It was really good.

With the candles lit. Mom and Jake cutting cake with dad getting a picture with is phone, cousins looking on. This cousin loves the blue icing around the edges of the cake. Eyeing the big cake.....she kept reaching over and grabbing more of the blue trim around the base of the cake.

Daddy, uncle, Papa watching baby cousin doing tummy crunches and also working on crawling.

Baby cousin loves her feet. These tights don't come off like my socks do! Just what is the deal?

Happy Birthday JAKE!!!


scrappy quilter said...

Happy Birthday Jake. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Those roses are stunning. My absolute favorite flower.

QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday Jake!

andsewon said...

Oh they are lovely roses!!
Happy BD Jake!!
We have lots of BD's in Feb too.
Elaine those baby grand gals of yours are TOOO CUTE!
We had a good time Sunday doing the BD thing as well.
No snow here or I did not see any of it! Just bitter today with that cold wind!!!