Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baseball, painting, grandchildren, etc.

It's been a busy week. Saturday, the coach first said that all-stars couldn't be announced until Sunday. An email would be sent out to the families in the league naming all the all-star divisions and who would be on those teams. He then asked daughter if her 14 year old son could go to be fitted for uniform at four on Sunday afternoon. She said he could and he then asked if she knew what that meant and she said yes she did. He then said to keep it under her hat. Sounds like we'll have more baseball games to attend this summer. Which makes us happy. He's following the footsteps of his auntie who was an all-star every year and played baseball on boys teams from age 7-16 in the Little League organization and also AAU. She also played fast pitched softball and ASA fast-pitch. Last summer she played on a woman's team and coed team for softball but can't this year since expecting again. Her husband is playing and we attend his games. We are also fans of the local team in the Carolina Coastal League of college baseball stars from various teams and hold season tickets to the home games.

His team won their final game. He had great hits and made good plays. Which was great since he was playing on a bad ankle from an injury the Saturday before when all were afraid the ankle was broken.

Sunday, we had our Father's Day celebration at that daughter's home. We had 18 of us there for a feast of homemade pork barbecue, hot dogs, homemade mac n cheese, homemade baked beans, fruit tray, homemade chocolate meringue pie and homemade strawberry pie, and other goodies. We all stuffed ourselves and the great-grandpa, two grandpas, and three daddies/six daddies since the grandpas are daddies too were all well gifted.

The above is picture take a few months ago of the two grandsons who adore their two young cousins. These two young ladies will gain a baby sister in September. The one with the Boston cap on is the baseball player and the other young man is a wonderful swimmer. His first year swimming competitively was last year and he placed in the city meet at the end of the season! He was also on the winning team of the peewee football super bowl here in our city last fall. The two young ladies are now taking swimming lessons.
Today I spent painting the front porch. Oldest grandson, son-in-law (daddy to the two year old and one year old) and I scraped old paint the past two days. Today I started painting. Tonight I went to swimming lessons to take pictures of the two girls. This is second session for the two year old and first session for the one year old. They love the water!

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