Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baseball Hall of Fame

We returned last Sunday from a 'pilgrimage' to Cooperstown, NY to tour the Baseball Hall of Fame. We found Cooperstown to be a beautiful small town which looks like something straight out of Normal Rockwell.

We left home Thursday. Going with us was youngest daughter (she and her husband expecting third daughter in September) and our oldest grandson by middle daughter. Here they are waiting for the museum to open Friday morning.

Picture of the main building at the Hall of Fame. The main entrance, in the section that sits back, was being revamped. We went in a door in the left section of this building. When we left they were letting people in through these doors.
Sign by the door which we entered the building.

Our daughter played baseball from the age of seven through sixteen on boys teams in Little League, Junior League, Senior League and AAU. She was an all-star on the boys team who played second base. During her freshman year in highs school she was the first girl in our state to letter in varsity boys baseball. On that teams she played second, shortstop and occasionally pitched. Her junior year she entered a new school and switched to softball. Where she played shortstop and catcher depending on who was pitching. She also played ASA softball for two years. Here she is paying her respects to the woman in baseball section.
Picture of hubby paying his respects to his youth hero Willie Mays and the New York Giants baseball team from the early 50's.

Our grandson has been playing baseball since he was five. Starting with tee-ball when he was five, Little League and now Junior League. Here is a picture of our grandson paying his respects to his favorite teame the Boston RedSox.
We had shopped in the gift shop at the museum on Thursday evening and again after finishing touring the museum. Then we walked up and down Main Street shopping at the many baseball related stores. Here is a picture of about 1/4 of the baseball camps in a store called "Micky's Place". Every major and minor league team and more. My husband an avid baseball fitted cap collector was in heaven.

Friday evening we attended baseball game at Doubleday Stadium. Perfect weather, good game, who could ask for a better way to end our day before a nice steak dinner.

We left early Saturday morning and arrived in Lancaster, PA which is my all time favorite place not to be a tropical beach around 10:30. Rode around to show grandson the Amish farms, catch a glimpse of the Amish in their buggies, and on the streets in Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse. We hit the Bird-in-Hand Farmer's Market for some of the goodies we love to buy there. Then we went to Route 30 and hit the two outlet centers and daughter and I shopped until we dropped. She, her dad and I had been to Lancaster in March for a long weekend of Amish tourist stuff and outlet shopping in Lancaster and Reading. This trip she stocked up on summer maternity clothes as she had given away her winter maternity clothes after the second child was born. The girls were both born in February a year apart. She was on the pill this time and this child is a huge surprise. The present youngest to be middle child was a surprise too as she had to have fertility help to have the first child. These three little girls are such a blessing to our family.

We left Lancaster EARLY Sunday morning and were home around ten. This week has been busy with catching grandson's baseball games, son-in-law's softball games, and catching the Virginia Pilot's baseball games. The Pilot's are college players from many various universities and colleges.

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