Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hope all had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Daughter and son-in-law who live next door hosted a cookout on Sunday for both sides of their families and a group of their friends. There was around thirty -thirty-five people there ranging from one week to ninety years. Most of us brought a covered dish, they furnished several salads, beverages, hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings. The others brought side dishes and desserts.

I ordered three apron patterns --Scalloped Apron, Sensational Smocks, Summerset Apron & Potholder Set---and a pattern for Basket Liners over the weekend from Clotilda's web-store. I use a lot of baskets and never seem to have enough liners to go with the holiday or season. For years it seemed I seldom wore an apron but now seem to live in them. Can't wait to sew up a few new ones. I haven't made one in about twenty years.

Yesterday I embroidered the first name for one of the grandsons on his swim team beach towel and for four of his friends who swim on the same team. I didn't think to get a picture of them before we dropped them by daughter's house yesterday. They turned out really cute. A green sea turtle. Above it the name of the pool/club they swim for and under the turtle the team's name 'Sea Turtles'. Between the front leg and Turtles I did their names in the same shade of blue as the lettering was. The towels background were white and the turtle in green. Maybe I can get daughter to take a picture of his and I can post it.

Today the two granddaughters have been here ages 1 & 2. They are both whirlwinds of activity---rides in wagon around the neighborhood, playing with the dogs and cats, wrapping Papa and Nana around their little finger, eating more than any adult and inhaling milk, playing with bouncy ball, playing side, having Papa turn on CD player and dancing to the music. Everyone is wondering how they will do when baby sister arrives in September. The one year old loves friend's week old baby. The two year old isn't too sure about her. She seems to think back going to hospital, seeing another baby and it moving in with her. Sunday, when Memaw held the baby she made sure she sat right by her side shooting daggers with her eyes. Nana didn't hold baby. Mommy did but it was only when two year old was busy in the wading pool with her cousins and not paying attention. She was glad to see baby as long as baby's mommy and daddy was holding her or she was in her carrier.

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