Monday, May 5, 2008

Quilt for Robyn

My daughter Robyn started attending the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival with me in 2006. That year I purchased a kit for a wall-hanging for her two week old daughter's room, which she picked out. I've yet to finish that wall-hanging. Really need to dig it out and finish it ASAP. In 2007 (the day before she delivered her second daughter) she picked out a roll of fat quarters for a throw size quilt for herself in pinks and browns and the pattern she liked. I normally hand quilt my quilts but this one I tried to do it on my Bernina 180. Some of it turned out pretty good I thought and some of it didn't meet my standards I had set for myself. She loves it so that is all that matters.

This is the front of the pink and brown quilt

And this the back of the pink and brown quilt.

It does lay flat with out the ripples you see in these two pictures of it.

This year there she didn't pick out anything...I guess she is still wondering where Laura's wall-hanging is!!! I do keep her two precious babies during the weekdays while she and her husband are working. Some weeks he has two days off but most of the time he has to testify in court on his off days so I have my precious darlings anyway.

Regardless of my limited sewing time I still buy stash!!! and MORE STASH!!! I have a roll of fat quarters to do me at throw in yellow and blues. Bought kits this year at Mid-Atlantic for two throws or wall-hangings. Plus ones for tote-bags. And just last week bought a pattern and fabric for one in French blues and yellows from my favorite quilt fabric store. Of course that's not counting the bags of fabrics I have in various closets, the dresser full of fabric and a closet of shelves full of fabric. And the attic which has plastic totes and suitcases of fabrics. I know my husband is right that I'll never live to use up all the fabric I own. Sad thing is he's only seen the tip of the iceberg of fabric.


Jessica said...

I LOVE the colors of this pink and brown quilt!!

Anne Ida said...

Love this one! The colours are so spectacular!

Thank you for your sweet comment on my SBS!