Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Mine was great. I fixed noon day meal for all the family. Mother-in-law and three daughters each fixed deserts, one also did a corn on the cob. I did a roast of beef, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, gravy, green beans, etc.

Gifts to my mother-in-law were hanging baskets of geraniums and a large potted hydrangea. The three girls got Vera Bradley Handbags. I got a neat necklace of three strands of tiny brown beads with a shell pendant with my monogram on it. A tin barn star with pictures of the youngest two granddaughters their mom made. Gift Certificates to TJMaxx and Christopher Banks. Oh and one for a pedicure! I had my first pedicure on my birthday and I'm in love with that luxury treat! Next time I think I'll use the gift certificate for the pedicure and treat myself to a manicure. My finger nails are awful. I used to have such nice nails. Now all they do are crack, split and break.

Saturday I broke my promise to myself not to buy or order more fabric. Ordered some cute flannel to do a baby blanket with crochet edging for my daughter's third baby girl due in September. It has some cute ladybugs on it. She's doing this nursery with ladybugs. I also ordered some Hawaiian prints. Of course week before last I bought a pattern and fabric for a french blue and yellow quilt. I really want to do that soon. Should be working on it this afternoon. However, I have a scratchy throat and don't feel up to it. Had the grand-babies this morning until mid-day and will have them the rest of the week so I need to rest and try to throw off this sore throat.

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