Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Quilt 1925/1980

In 1980 when expecting my baby, my grandmother gave me a quilt top she had made for my mother when expecting her. She thought my mother-in-law would quilt it for me, which she did. I did help her a little on it, the first time I did any quilting. I never did learn why she never quilted it as my grandmother, her mother and mother-in-law all three made beautiful quilts back in that time. I was lucky to inherit a few from my mother she ended up with being the only granddaughter on both sides. The quilt top was used as a bedspread on her crib the spring and summer of 1925 when she was born.

I tried to add a closeup picture of two of the blocks to show the quilting but kept getting an error.

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Anne Ida said...

What a lovely little quilt! And what special history to it! A treasure!