Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weird Food, fabric storage, baseball

Weird Food---the food's not weird I guess but the combination???

Yesterday, I bought some local strawberries, some green onions and some pickling cucumbers from the local farmer's market. I had also bought some whipped cream there and individual desert cake things. Plan was to fix strawberry shortcake.

Well, I did for hubby. But, for some reason I was having a hankering for cucumbers salted with green onions and white wine vinegar. YET I wanted strawberries too. What should a girl do???

I fixed the cucumber salad and sliced my strawberries on top of the salad and mixed it up. Would it make me ILL??? OR would it be DELICIOUS??? Low and behold it was WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS!!!

Normally the dogs give me a fit and want their fair share. They'll eat some of the cake stuff and whipped cream. Last night they sniffed it and walked away, laid down and looked at me like I had lost what feeble mind I have left.

Should have taken a picture, the vinegar turned red from the strawberries it was beautiful as well as yummy. I'll have to make it again and take a picture to add to this posting.

UPS brought me a heavy box today. I read on someone's blog (and I am sorry I don't recall which one) where they had been to comic book store with their husband or son. While standing their in their misery, wishing they were in a fabric store, they had the brainstorm of using the board things used in the individual storage bags to keep the comic books straight, to wrap fabric on instead of the plastic things they make for that. She had used hers for fat quarters. These things are a little less than ten dollars for one hundred in a package. Acid free. I guess something like a heavy weight cardstock. I ordered two packages on a site I found Googling. Being heavy the shipping was almost ten dollars too. Now for some time to dig out fat quarters and I'm thinking fat halves too will work, get the iron out, press the fabric and fold on those sheets and stack in a basket or plastic box so I can flip through easily to see the fabrics I'm needing for a project.

Saturday evening my 14 year old grandson hit a home run over the 280 ft. centerfield fence. Nana was so excited. He's going with my husband, daughter and myself to the Baseball Hall of Fame next week. My daughter, his aunt was an awesome baseball player, playing on boys Little, Junior and Senior League as well as AAU, JV and Varsity. Her junior year she switched to fast pitch softball and was awesome in that as well as field hockey. In college she was to play softball but decided she wanted a break from it. She did play field hockey in college and lacrosse. After not playing for a while last summer she played on an adult female softball team and in the fall played on a coed softball team. This summer she isn't playing as she is expecting in September. Her husband played last summer and this summer on a team with a group of men she played baseball with back in her Little/Junior/Senior League days. An odd thing about my grandson's homerun is the batter before him hit one too and his uncle was a good player a couple years younger than his aunt, they were on all-star team together when it covered three league ages on a team.

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