Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daily doings

Yesterday we did our patriotic duty and voted in the local city election. As I see it we now have the right to complain about our city's government and school board decisions and how they handle matters.

Later took the grandbabies to the mall to walk and have lunch. I found a darling denim skirt for myself for with birthday money. It had tiny embroidered dots on it in various colors. Also got the babies mommy a gift certificate to the maternity shop there as she is in need of summer maternity clothes. Come September this big surprise (she was on the pill) of the year will arrive and give her three children under 2-1/2!!!

Upon leaving the mall we went to Sam's Club to get a large piece of beef to cook for the family, in-laws, three girls and their families for Mother's Day dinner. There I found a beautiful hydrangea and red geraniums for mother-in-law. Now I need something for other two daughters. And something to do in the memory of my mom who I lost this year after a battle with Alzheimer's.

Here's my latest machine embroidery project. I purchased the baby's blanket and machine embroidered the name of my son-in-law's cousin's future baby girl, for his mom to give her.

I also bought one for their new baby to do as soon as they decide what this little girl will be named.
I did a similar one for both of their girls when they were expecting except I did their monograms.

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