Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First before I announce who won the Cookbook "My Mama Made it" I must apologize for being late drawing the winner. But Sunday afternoon my F-I-L was admitted to the ER and into the hospital with Heart Problems. He was released yesterday and hopefully the medications adjustments will help stop the spells he has suffered with the past few weeks with dizziness, weakness and such.

In order for me to contact you please make a comment so I can reply to it via email to obtain your mailing address. Comments to my blog sends an email to me to approve or not for publication. I can respond to the person by clicking on reply. I will do that to request your mailing address, you reply back with it...that never appears on my blog just in my private email account.

What I did was each time you qualified for a chance I sent the approval email to an email file for giveaway. I then printed of that list, cut the list into strips, folded them, tossed them in a container and drew one.

Visit her blog....this is a lady who lives and also grew up in the county where I grew up!!! However, I don't know her as she is ''A LOT Younger'' than I am and lived in another part of the county from where I lived. Back in my day there were several elementary schools later the smaller ones closed and all children attended the one that I attended. In my day you generally didn't meet people from various parts of the county (unless relatives lived in other sections) until High School. Reading her blog has brought back many memories...her remembering as a tiny child me as a teenager/young adult.

Congratulations CHESAPEAKE BAY WOMAN!!!! Her favorite food was her Grandmother's Fried Chicken....she wrote----

"Oh! A contest! I hope I'm not too late.

My grandmother's fried chicken was the best, and the recipe has never been written down, I just watched her. The whole process took forever especially when you include the soaking of the chicken in salt water for hours before frying. But she made the absolute best chicken ever. My mother can make a reasonable facsimile, and I have tried but it pales in comparison.

There's nothing like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Nothing."

Never had her grandmother's fried chicken but I can verify the best fried chicken bar-none comes out of Mathews County!!!


Barb said...

Hope everythings goes well with your father in law...

congrats to the winner!!

AverettLadyNana said...

I also replied to the comment via email and while at work Chesapeake Bay Woman saw the email and responded with her name and address. Her internet at home is down so hadn't seen the blog to find out she won. I mailed it to her a few moments ago.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I, too, hope everything is OK with your father-in-law.


I am thrilled to win and can't thank you enough.

Tonya said...

congrats to the winner