Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holy Grail of Sewing Machines

Last night I went to a Showing and Demo of the new Bernina 830 Sewing Machine with Embroidery Unit. What can I say this machine is the Holy Grail of Sewing Machines. Maybe one day...This Dec. 6th they are having an awesome deal 40 months no interest on Bernina Card for items over $4000. REGARDLESS to much for my finances at the present time with the economy the way it is now...and health insurance skyrocketing...have to get my own now that DH is retired...he's on medicare and supplemental but nine plus years away for me...

I fell in love with Bernina machines back in 1982 when it was the machine that I picked out when DH wanted to get me my dream machine for Christmas as I had lost my Daddy that fall at a much too young age. He sprung for the then top of the line Bernina 930. I fell in love with the five step buttonhole and the WONDERFUL THREAD TENSION which Bernina is so famous for perfecting. I still have that machine and still LOVE it dearly. Then in 2000 I got a new then top of the line Bernina 180E and I love that machine just as much. I bought that with money my grandmother left me when she died. If I should ever be able to get the new 830 I'd give my DD my 180E. Maybe by then they'll be out with a new 930... The 830 was a machine they sold over a million of that one model and was top of the line for a long time. This new 830 was name in honor of the original 830 model. The 930 that I have replaced the old 830...Well, Bernina if you come out with new 930 to honor the workhorse 930 I KNOW come Hell or High-Water I'd find some way to own it...AND to be honest......I sat that in total amazement at the new 830 but I thought of some ways to tweak it if you are to do a 930...I know once a new machine comes out you are working on the next more outstanding future machine.

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