Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Tree

Going to show you my Christmas tree but first my crock I painted some years ago of Santa's Around the World...a class by Jane Dillon My Christmas Tree. It's lit even though you can't tell it in this picture.
Some of the ornaments...this was added by the almost three year old this year...a rattle that belonged to her mother. She thought it should be an ornament for the tree so Papa put a hook on it and she hung it on the tree.

Though it looks small it's actually large red ball with what looks like icing dripping all around it. I got it a few years ago from Tuesday's Mornings.
Not too clear but it's Poplar Grove Mill from back home. A mill on property of an ancestral home lost in a card game. Grain was ground here for General George Washington during the Revolution. The house and mill are still standing.
A shell with diamond dust on it. One of several my cousin's wife did for me.
A Westie ornament in memory of our Westie who was named Mopsie who we had for 16 years...never did know how old he was as he was found on interstate by a co-worker of a son of a co-worker of mine at the time. No one claimed him and he ended up with us for 16 wonderful years.
An oyster shell my cousin's wife did. This one is from the Oyster House that my great-grandfather and grandfather owned.
One I bought at McDonald's Nursery the first Christmas I was in this house...1977.

This is a butterfly the 28 year old daughter made in pre-school from wrapping paper and a clothespin.

Another oyster shell

A Christmas tree made from yo-yos and buttons.

Back in the day I made a bunch of Christmas Balls starting Christmas 1965 when I was in the eighth grade. I did about 12-18 or so from the satin covered with gold braid with pearls and some upholstery trim.

This one of an angel holding a memory of our lab Beau who died on Dec. 23, 2000. Daughter gave it to us and on back wrote a note how though he wasn't here with us he was watching over us...

A glass blown ornament I got at Pork, Pine and Peanut Festival one year. Not sure if I got the order straight in the name.
Another one I made back in 65-68. This one is aqua with pink sequins and gold with pink braid and pearls pinned on it.

A red one of gold braids and pearls.

I also did a bunch of felt ones with sequins one of several of Rudolph and other of Santa's reindeer poking out of his sack.
One my mom gave me made from a crab shell with New Point Lighthouse painted on it. It's a light house where the Chesapeake and Mobjack Bays meet in Mathews County. Built in early 1800's money appropriated for it by President Thomas Jefferson. Several ancestors and other family members were keeper of this light.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa I made with felt and sequins. Somewhere on my tree are Mr. and Mrs. Snowman I also did.

And another felt one I did a round ornament.

Another satin one with plastic punch in beads, braids, faux gems.

A paper on I received as a child back in the 50's that my great-aunt brought me from New York City. After she moved back home after living there for many years she would return several times a year to shop and visit old friends.

A plastic sleigh I bought and I painted the patriotic Santa bear on it.

The round one my great-aunt brought me from New York.

Another white satin on with red and green plastic do-dads, white pears both round and enlongated and gold trim I made back in the 60's.

A drummer boy I made back in the 60's in Home Economics from a clothespin. I did about six or eight of these.

A snowflake I machined embroidered. I did a bunch of these a couple years ago.

One my Mom's best friend Mary Jane made for me one year from clear beads strung together and some gold braid.

When I was a girl, we always went to Miller & Rhoads in Richmond to see the Real Santa...he called you to come to him by your name, knew all about you, slid down the chimney, heard his reindeer on the roof prancing and bells jingling. After he slid down and greeted the long line waiting to see him he introduced his beautiful snow queen in her long white evening gown and crown who you talked to before going to see him. He would sit on his throne like chair, take his Santa Hat off and comb his hair and beard and tell his reflection in his hand mirror how nice he looked. After seeing Santa we always went to the Fawn Shop where you had to be under twelve to shop for gifts for your family. And then to the Christmas Shop to buy a special ornament. This is one of the few that have survived. The first one I got was broken by our former white cat Liberty who disappeared on Dec. 16th a few years ago.

And again the tree with the decorations, candy canes, and clear plastic icicles.


Laurie said...

Elaine I loved this post! You are so fortunate to still have these special ornaments, and I loved the history behind each one. Thank-you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

MouseChirpy said...

Your Christmas tree is just fabulous. I loved seeing and reading about each of your beautiful ornaments.
I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.
Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou!