Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Shopping and A Toddler Girl Sewing Idea

Well, I didn't go to the mall but this could have been me yesterday---we (DD & DH) went to Richmond to Bizarre Bazaar. Saw another of our DD there and a group of her friends. Saw our dentist's receptionist. One of the mecca of craft shows. Not really a lot of ' homemade crafts' I'm sure most items were most likely "Made in China" but tons of everything imaginable.
There were some adorable toddler/children clothes and baby items handmade by the ladies selling them. Lots of "IDEAS". We left around one by then it was SO CROWDED you just stood still and were carried along with the crowd...TIME TO LEAVE!!!

One DD bought was darling dress which was made from a long sleeve t-shirt for the bodice and various strips of fabrics sewn together vertically for the skirt part of the dress. Then the hem was trimmed in ball fringe.

I bought a few Christmas Presents. A cute Christmas tree shaped dish with a matching spreader--not sure if this is for D-S-I-L's parents or DH's aunt. A darling picture frame which was shaped and painted like Santa with the chest/belly area for the picture--not sure who is getting the frame. A cute pewter looking metal square container with a dragonfly on the rim, a package of Christmas napkins inside the container and a napkin weight shaped like a dragonfly--for a DD. They were all at the same booth.

I bought a few clear plastic insulated 'glasses' which has an machine embroidery design in them. One for me, one for one of my girlfriends, one for DH and an extra to have on hand for something extra to give someone. Mine is a frog but he looks likes he's a patchwork quilt. Friend loves horses, lived in hunt country for a while and hers is a Fox hunter on horseback, DH a HUGE baseball fan and a former great pitcher in high school, actually drafted while in high school but didn't go went to college instead--his is a baseball glove and baseball. The extra is a couple of palm trees on a sandbar. Several people I could think of would like that.

Sunday I'm invited to a Christmas Ornament Exchange Party. Most of those invited are 'beach lovers' spend vacations at OBX---Nags Head, NC, so I got this fairly large starfish, painted white, with a bikini painted on it and face. The bra top is two little shells and looks something like a coconut bra top. She also had a Santa hat on and holding a string of lights.

I bought myself a couple nice spatulas and 9" cake pans. OH and I bought myself a pewter Christmas Ornament of where I went to college. It's of the Main Hall Building. First time I've ever seen a Christmas Ornament around here for there.

Got to see a friend from back home who is a rather famous wildlife artist. Jane Partin is well known for her Labrador retrievers. Has done ducks for Ducks Unlimited, etc. Neither of us live 'back home' since we graduated from high school. She has a booth set up there. Jane is the one who showed me the spatula she had bought there so I had to go check out that booth.

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Laurie said...

Hi Elaine! I love the idea for the dress. This one I really have to try, I have two little nieces for guinea pigs! Thanks for sharing,