Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grandkids and Santa

HURRAH...a picture has finally been made which contains Laura and Rachel with Santa Claus for the Christmas 2008 season.

Laura has melted down if she caught a glimpse of the jolly ole fellow from afar. Rachel would see Laura have a spell and then she'd start crying. Emily has had her picture taken twice with him previously this season.

This was taken when the three girls took the seven grandkids to have their annual Christmas picture taken to give us the grandparents and my in-laws as part of our Christmas present. They didn't know Santa would be there at the time. Laura and Rachel had time to warm up to the Jolly Fellow somewhat. So they had this taken besides the one of just the grandkids.

As you can see Laura is not overly happy but she's in the arms of her hero cousin Jake standing behind Santa. And Rachel is in the arms of her hero cousin Justin to one side of Santa. Rachel appears happier than Laura. Emily is thrilled to be held by Santa. Victoria is behind Justin and Rachel and Elizabeth is to the other side of Santa.

Word has it by the time they left they said Rachel was hugging and high-fiving Santa.

May not be the Real Santa in Richmond who used to reside at Miller and Rhoads Department Store and now at the Children's Museum but hey this is our family's little Christmas Miracle this year Laura and Rachel actually in a picture with Santa!


Laurie said...

How Sweet Elaine, you have beautiful grandchildren!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous picture of all of them! That's a miracle in itself. =)