Sunday, December 14, 2008

Been A While

Been a while...busy wrapping, baking and such. Still a few things to get out and purchase this week. I've baked a Devil's Food cake which as been consumed. So have a second one cooling now. I GOOFED...for some dumb reason I was thinking one stick equals 1/4 cup...not 1/2 cup. So I put in two sticks butter. Realized it as I was about to pure into pans. So I doubled the rest of the ingredients. Was going to bake it as two cakes but batter looked too thin in four pans so ended up with two pans. Of course took longer to bake but looks pretty. We'll see how the inside turned out later.

Have two Black Walnut Cake's in the Freezer and one Pound Cake. Both old family recipes from 1800's. Want to make another Black Walnut and Pound Cake. Also want to do a Six Layer Red Velvet I've done for several years that was in Southern Living for two years in December issue.

I've made two batches of Fudge. Actually double batches and all consumed. Must make a lot more fudge.

Yesterday I did double batch of Toll House Cookies...they always turn out fine BUT NOT this time. Most the bottoms are shall I say crispy. Sounds better than burnt to a crisp.

I made a new bar cookie this morning I saw in Paula Deen's Christmas magazine. Two rolls of Chocolate Chip cookie dough spread in pan, bake, melt caramel chips, pour over the cooked cookie dough, then sprinkle with mini chocolate chips and Toffee chips. I added more chocolate and Toffee chips. But taste pretty yummy.

Not sure what else I'm going to bake. I guess more Chocolate Chip cookies and hope they turn out better. Need to get some Oreo's to make Oreo balls. Maybe some Reese Balls...I used to make them every year and also Chocolate Butter Cream Squares and Lemon Bars. Also sugar cookies, ginger cookies and molasses spice cookies.

Next weekend will be a big baking weekend. Better go ice that cake...I'm sure it won't be here but a few days...hubby's favorite...also daughter's family eating here in a while. Roast is in oven for our supper. Need to do potatoes. No homemade rolls today...sorry store bought. Grandbaby girls will be here in a few while parents go run some errands for Santa we'll eat when they get back.


Laurie said...

Good grief Elaine! Have you sat down lately? I remember baking like that, all the old family recipes and traditions. Can't since diabetic and I have no will power. Have you tried baking stones? They make the best cookies! Enjoy your meal, and your family!

andsewon said...

Whew is this not a busy time or what!!! It all sounds yummy!!!!I am betting your family loves it all! We too have family recipes and favs we do every year. Niece an I did some cookie baking Sunday. I need to wrap some things and finish the clean up here. I am back at it today as we have our gathering Sat night.
I really MUST begin much earlier next year..will need a reminder in Oct.. ha!!!
Enjoy every moment of it all... I do!!!!