Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Ornament Swap Party

Today I attended my first Christmas Ornament Swap Party at my DSD's house. I took this ornament which I bought for it at Bizarre Bazaar last Thursday in Richmond...

It was a big hit with the ladies there. Most of them are are huge beach lovers and spend a week or two at Nags Head, NC each summer. They all like cutesy ornaments too. You could either take an ornament from someone else who had opened or open a new package. The third time an ornament was taken including the time it was originally unwrapped it was then 'dead' and no one else could take it away.
This is the ornament I unwrapped and got to keep it. It was purchased from the same booth where I purchased the one I took. I think it's really cute. A couple ladies want me to make some like the one I bought and took and the one I received and sell them to them. I may try to make a few and give them to those ladies.

I got a cute snowman pencil jar yesterday at the Church Bazaar. and Cookie Walk. I'll post a picture of that later. I bought some of the cutest cookies there. My favorite was reindeer cookie and I didn't have sense enough to take a picture of it....a ginger/spice cookie cut out with large acorn shaped cookie cutter. Then small pretzels for the antler the loopy ones. Then red cinnamon dot candy for nose. Forget what they used for the mouth. Anyway it was really cute and the cookie was delish too. So often the cute/pretty cookies aren't' that yummy but these were both.

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