Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stashbusting--receiving blanket and burp pads

Today I went through my baby related stash fabric. I pulled out a piece of flannel with lady bugs on it to do a receiving blanket for my newest granddaughter. Her nursery has a ladybug theme. I also pulled out a ladybug design fat quarter to use with diapers to make a burp-pad or two.

The flannel I use 1-1/4 yards so its basically a 45 inch square. Turn the edges under a scant 1/4 inch and turn again the same amount. Pin very well. I use a metal crochet hook and punch a hole with it through the flannel right next to the edge of the folded area, pull Pearl Cotton thread number five weight, do a single crochet, then a double, and a single again in the same hole. Skip over a little bit I guess around 1/2 inch or so and do it again all the way around the square. When I get to the corners, I do several of these closer together to make sure the corners are secure.

The burp pads I take a pre-folded diaper, do a decorative stitch with some pretty threads down the seams down the diaper. Where the diaper looks like it has been divided into thirds lengthwise. More or less to hide the folded edges and pretty it up some. About 1/3 from the bottom I'll add a machine embroidery design that goes with the fabric I'm going to put on the two edges. Maybe some words such as drool rules. The baby's name. At the top and bottom edge of the diaper I take some baby theme fabric, cut two pieces about six inches by the width of the diaper plus 1/2 inch. Fold in half, so it's three inches or so by the width. Sew the narrow side raw edges with 1/4 inch seams. Press, turn right side out. Turn down 1/4 inch along the top width raw edges, press. Slip one of these units over the top edge of diaper and one over the bottom edge of diaper. Pinning carefully catching both the top and bottom of the folded unit carefully and using edge foot I stitch stitch the baby theme fabric to the diaper on both ends. Pinning careful helps in catching front and back of the themed fabric to diaper nice and tidy. If it doesn't match up as well as I desire it...I use a decorative stitch to catch it all down so it isn't noticeable.

Hope to get to work on these two projects Thursday. Tomorrow cooking for middle daughter's birthday dinner. Tuesday and Wednesday going Christmas shopping. Thursday I'll be stuck home as AC/Heating guy coming to service the units for yearly fall Nana is hoping to get in some sewing time.


Tropical Screamer said...

I tried to write back to answer the comment you left on my blog, but the address was a "no reply" address. Here's what I tried to send you:

Aloha and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Thank you also for your kind words.

Almost all my fabrics are batik or Bali. You're right. The fabric you mentioned is a batik. And the funny thing is that almost all my fabrics have been purchased online from mainland stores. LOL.

(The fabrics here are so expensive due to shipping costs and the cost of doing business here.)

The receiving blankets you make sound so cute and like so much fun to do. I also crochet and knit.

Take care and I'm off to visit your blog archives.


andsewon said...

You are busy for sure. Hope you get it all done!!! Sounds so sweet. I do not knit or crochet...wish I did would love to make socks!!
Christmas shoppin????? Wow I am impressed! HA!!
We was cold over here last night...burrr!!! Fall is here for sure at least for last 24 hrs!
Had stump grinder here yesterday so one less thing left from storm.
Have fun shoppin.
I am sewing today for my Stitching Angel.

Laurie said...

Hi Elaine! When you get one done, could you add a picture of it? I would love to see one!
Laurie (Mimi)

Three under Three said...

sew baby sew!
love you,
the daughter