Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween sewing and yard decorations

Table on front porch. Witch's face I bought at Tuesday's Morning. The pumpkin dear daughter bought for me at Michael's and they carved the "C" in it. She also bought me the faux candle to go inside it. Really need to move the hurricane vase with sand, shells and candle from the summer along with tennis ball the lab still wants to chase once in a while.
The two witches flying into the trees I made by copying one my step-daughter bought at a fall festival. The two hanging from the trees flying around I bought at another fall festival in neighboring town.
Close up of one of the witches. DH ties a large heavy washer to fishing line and throws it over tree limb. I climb ladder, tie the fishing line in some knots, hang the witch and cut the washer off to use again.

Here's the Halloween sewing...machine embroidered this cute pumpkin on turtleneck and added one of the granddaughter's name...she tells people "Nana 'worded' this for me". This design is from a CD called Kookie Spookie (think that's right).
Wheelbarrows with pumpkins and mums around lamp pole. The pumpkin with Casper I did from a pattern dear father-in-law has. Not sure if he drew it up or someone else.
Close up of one of the witches that flew into one of the oak trees in yard. Behind her you can see witch silhouette in daughter's front yard. Life size, from a Martha Stewart's magazine a few years back. May still be on her web-site as the magazine had you download it from there. She also made the cat that was with it. That witch holds an lantern.
Next to the garage door are my two scarecrows I painted fifteen or sixteen years ago. Got the pattern from some craft magazine. The wooden rake and wooden hammer DH made for me when we did the scarecrows. I cut the head and hands out. DH made the body frames. We use bales of pine needles as the bales of hay just do not rot away, get too heavy with absorbed rain to move easily. I'm still using some from three and more years ago in various places pulled apart to fill in low spots. the pine needles we'll save until spring and spread them around azaleas.


Chips Mom said...

Hi! My name is Laurie, the kids all call me Mimi, and I love your blog! I also have many of the same hobbies and interests you do, and would love to check out your blog often for updates!
You've also inspired me to start a blog of my hobbies also, along with the one I already have for my little Pomeranian Chip.
Thank-you for a great site!

Carole said...

Wow, beautiful decorations! I love fall and halloween! Thanks for sharing!