Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Fall Y'all ----- Time For The Local Fall Festivals

It's fall y'all! Today we went to the Newport News Fall Festival a long standing family tradition with us. I forgot my camera!!! Hopefully daughter will send me some she took. Great crafts, wonderful food, good entertainment. The two and half year old and one and half year old rode with DH and I. We parked in handicap parking right behind the Heritage area and Food Court. Also near one of the music stages. DD and her DH with the two week old were able to park to the side of the main road through the park close to the area where the Festival was taking place. We go EARLY to get close parking.

The girls had a wonderful time. Papa pushed the stroller with two week old and sometimes one and half year old. Two and half year old walked it. The oldest two had their face and hands painted for Halloween. The two and half year old didn't want her face done so she had a ghost on her hand to match the one on her shirt. The one and half year old had a pumpkin on her cheek and ghost on her hand. Two week old slept until almost noon when she decided it was time to eat.

We had Barbecue, crab cakes, fresh lemonade, french fries, butterfly fries, fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, soft drinks, water, etc. None of us ate all of that but what we had at our table. Middle DD and one of her friends joined us at the table.

The girls loved seeing the real Indians dressed in their heritage clothing. Spent some time visiting with the geese and ducks on the lake. Saw the Civil War reenactors.

I got a large stuffed Santa face, a Halloween sign, pumpkin pillow, Santa star, clay pot with gourds on sticks painted in Halloween faces, with fall foliage. Only disappointment was a lady who does awesome seasonal, holiday, various theme necklaces wasn't there this year, as well as a lady who rescues damaged quilts and makes wonderful pillows, Santas, stockings, etc. wasn't there. I did get a garden slate for another DD who saw my beach one and loved it...going to be in with her Christmas stash from us. Now wish I had gotten the flip-flop one the lady had for sale too. She's usually at the Poquoson Seafood Festival so hopefully she'll have some of them there and I can get one there. Poquoson Seafood Festival is another one of our fall traditions....yummy seafood, nice crafts and good entertainment.

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