Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been MIA lately. I have done some machine embroidery for my DD. She bought some place mats for Christmas from the Dollar Tree Store. A red plaid with a touch of green and metallic gold. She is into monograms big time and asked me to put a green "G" in the center of them. She sent me this picture of one of them.

My computer is not feeling well...had been planing all week to take it in to the computer doctor as still under warranty. DSIL did help it but told me I may have to take it in.....It was doing better then got worse and tonight it seems like it's a LOT better. I didn't get it in as DD had dentist appointment so we had the three baby girls that morning. Another morning we took the three baby girls down to see their great-grandparents/DH's parents for a visit. Then took them to their favorite place Gus' Hotdog King for lunch. For a 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 year old they can pack away those hotdogs and french fries. This has become a weekly tradition for us. That morning DD had her six week checkup from having baby girl number three.

Today we had the girls all day as DD is sick and went to family doctor. We had a bunch of errands to run and took the three girls with us. Then I went to have my hair cut and DH kept the three babies.

Well, as soon as I say I think computer is healed it has started flashing and dimming again..........maybe next week I'll get it to doctor.

Tomorrow is the Halloween Parade at the Pre-school DGD 2-1/2 year old attends on Friday's mornings. Hope to get some pictures of that to post. We had been planning to attend Plantation Christmas Friday over in Surrey at Chippoakes Plantation.....can't miss the big parade so we'll be going Saturday and hopefully DD will be feeling better and can enjoy it.

Tomorrow morning I MUST carve one of my pumpkins and hang it up for the trick-or-treaters. At least before dusk!!! Also grass-cutting day....normally that starts around 8 but suppose to be chilly, and with the Parade, will do it when we get home around noon.

As I said in previous posting I've learned of a new line in my genealogy. It led me to purchase two genealogy books. I've been reading one of those and entering the info on my family tree. I am so excited as it is a wonderful line with lots of history.

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