Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm back

I'm back. Been a hectic few days/week. On top of that computer went on the fritz. But a dear son-in-law came by tonight after he left his office and worked on it and got it working. The screen still not normal but at least the colors are correct and not as fuzzy.

Been working on the blanket. Want to take a picture of it to show the two different rows of crocheting. Also been decluttering some stuff around here...tossed a pile of Sew News, a few Threads, a variety of other magazines. Kept my Sew Beautiful, Creative Needle, and various quilting magazines.

Been Christmas shopping and some wrapping has been done.

Before computer went on the fritz I was entering a lot of new information in my Family Tree Maker...I found a new line and it is intriguing.

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Laurie said...

Welcome Back!! I'm glad to hear your computer is in working order again, and look forward to new posts!