Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm still among the living. Keep wanting more snow. Have been teased since the big one Christmas Day and day after but it's been missing us in Jan and so far in February. There some talk of some this week. We'll see.

I have done two of three Valentine shirts for the dearest little granddaughters. Above is picture of two of them DD took for me. Need to do name for Emily and add it to the balloon design for the third one.

The DH is now on a Bison kick. I have put some of those on a few of his shirts.

My camera's flash died right before Christmas. So having to depend on others to take pictures for me. Waiting to get my Sam's Club, Costco and rebates checks as I have decided to spring for a nice camera at either Sam's Club or Costco.

Next project, once I get Emily's Valentine shirt done today, will be Birthday Cupcakes t-shirts for the two February Birthday Girls.


andsewon said...

Just darling as always! Well my DH would swear you certifiable with wanting more snow! Haha! He is already threatening to move us to Fla!Just want sun back out! Can't take these cold dark days anymore.
What days you going to Quilt Show?

Laurie said...

I felt that way about the snow too, Elaine, til it came and dumped more than enough on us, now I'm officially ready for Spring!!
LOVE the shirts, I know of 3 very lucky little girls!

AverettLadyNana said...

I must apologize to Barb who posted "Those shirst are adorable!!"

I went to click "Publish" and I clicked in error "Delete" There should be some way blogger would let you correct your mistakes!!!