Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My neighbor across the street has one of these trees...
Wednesday my three little granddaughters and I picked up sticks and twigs from our oak trees and the gumball fruit from the neighbor's sweet gum tree that loves to fall and bounce to our yard. Thursday and Friday they filled basket after basket of the gumballs and dumped them in our trash can.

DD came over early Saturday morning and we walked to an Estate Sale around the corner around us. We got there and there was a very long line so we went back home. Around noon we were on our way to check out the Estate sale and walking down our driveway I slipped on one of two of these
on our driveway.

So I am now sporting one of these lovelies on my left foot as I fractured fifth metatarsal.

My doctor x-rays me Tuesday sent me to ortho doctor today. He's the local university's athletes doctor and suppose to be good. I'm not sure as I want to see the one I've seen before and think the world of... Bottom line is I most likely need surgery since the area where it happens is not know for good circulation needed for bone healing. But we are trying to avoid it as my DH has a surgery next week, then we are going out of town for a long weekend and he'll have surgery again three weeks from the first one. Mine will have to wait until after he's OK. So say a prayer that the bone is healing in two weeks when he does x-rays again and that my DH's two surgeries go well and won't need the third one. If bone not healing then magnetic treatments. If those don't work surgery will be needed. For sure the OS who I've seen before will be doing it.

SO I AM SICK since won't be attending Mid-Atlantic this year as have to stay off the foot for a LONG TIME. I'll be looking for postings from all my friends in blog land who will be attending Mid-Atlantic.

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