Sunday, February 6, 2011

This morning family gathered to celebrate Laura's 5th birthday! With her cake before blowing out her candle. The crown she made at school. The birthday person decorates a crown to wear on their birthday...since hers was today she celebrated it Friday at school.

Checking out Fancy Nancy. She got a game and mostly clothes as CLOTHES was her request for presents...

Youngest sister Emily munching on a chocolate football lollipop that were the favors. She's wearing the her Valentine shirt I did for her.

Middle sister Rachel waiting for her 4th birthday in a couple weeks. Notice she likes the icing from the cake and the ice-cream.


Barb said...

Oh fun....Happy Birthday to your sweet are sooooo lucky to have her.

Autum said...

It looks like a great day! Your grand daughters are beautiful!

andsewon said...

Pretty lil gals are growing like weeds!!!! Goodness 5 yrs already!
Soon they will all be in school!
Hope to see you at Quilt Show.
We are going on Thur. Will be 3 of us.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Adorable! I'm still reeling over the fact that clothes were her first request. I always wanted toys. She's precious as are her siblings.

word verification is gruphoti. That's when a group of teenagers write on walls or buildings.

maria said...

Beautiful little girls.


Teresa said...

Beautiful granddaughters and how fun to share in the birthday party. Thanks for the pictures.

I followed the link to the Joyful Chaos blog and enjoyed reading some of her recent posts. I am going to have to go back and read the entire story of the wedding. Thanks for the link - I am a follower of hers now.