Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, I've missed three good Estate Sales and Mid-Atlantic because of my foot! BUT, I listen to my inner voice and Monday called the orthopedist I have been to for other problems. He was out of town but I see him Friday!!!

Feel like the weight of the world been lifted from my shoulders!!! Don't know what he'll say but I have faith in him. Took my baby girl two him when she was 12 for her foot and 17 for her hand. He patched her up just fine. And I know I can trust him as some years back he sent to out of town to another surgeon who he felt was better than he for this particular surgery. Today I have full use of that hand!

I know he'll fix my foot back to normal or send me to someone who will.


Barb said...

Oh, I sure hope you get your foot fixed...gotta enjoy life and it is no fun in pain.

andsewon said...

Sure hope you are fixed up soon!! Missed seeing you this year at show! I go to Dr.L. Payne and his group is the best in this area. They are the ones that have the big new section built onto Sentara Careplex.

Erzebat said...

I wanted to meet ya too! get your foot fixed! I had boo-boo on the foot last summer. took forever to heal and I had to work! heal quick! (mauh) Liz

A Joyful Chaos said...

Hope you get your foot fixed with minimal aggravation.