Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I spent this afternoon trimming my "Charming Buds" quilt squares. Cutting the sashing strips. Sewing the strips to the sides of the blocks and sewed them into the required number of rows.

I need to sew more of the strips to squares for the sashing that goes between the rows I made this evening.

Tomorrow evening I go back to Nancy's Calico Patch for the second class on "Charming Buds". We are to have as much as we can of the top finished except for the outer boarder. We'll work on the top and put the border on and miter the corners. We are to do the quilting at home whenever we have the time.

I took a couple pictures this afternoon and want to take some more later tonight and will post them later.

Good news...Friday evening I took feline Daisy and K-9 Legend to see the doctor. Legend was due for shots, get his ears checked and lumps on his hind legs. Lumps are fatty tumors. Good news. Daisy who Dec. 26 recheck from a few days earlier lab work was told she most likely has lymphoma or leukemia of the bone marrow. She test negative for Feline Leukemia. She is a former show cat by previous owner and may have been in contact with FL at the shows but in her developed into a different type. Or may not be related. Good news her blood came up from 13 to 28 without any now doctor feels she does not have cancer. She does have kidney disease in one kidney but doing fine without special diet. She's been ill for over a year with a really bad kidney infection and been on powerful antibiotics until just before Christmas.


Laurie said...

I'm so glad to hear your pets are doing good. I know about the kidney problems, we had a dog with that.
Anxious to see your quilt!!

andsewon said...

Good news on the Fur Babes!!!
Enjoy your night out at Nancy's!!
Feels so cold here to me staying in!!!
Look forward to seeing your project!

Janene said...

Hi....Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the tip on finding the jar at Walmart...I will check it out this weekend! I will have to drag my churn into the store...I hope that they don't question me!

Barb said...

Can't wait to see the finished results.....thanks for visiting my blog. I am just going to browse around yours for a while.