Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family Reunion

The Sunday after Christmas DH's Aunt Julia always has her family reunion. This year it was only 60 of us there. A small crowd for Campbell standards. I snapped a couple pictures.
In her family room around the snack table almost three year old grandbaby girl sitting in her daddy's lap and her Auntie B.

Her first cousin's by Auntie B. also in family room.

Papa C., my DH, Aunt Julia's oldest nephew. He's the oldest Campbell-Fleming grandchild.

Our youngest grandbaby snoozing in her carrier/carseat. She was next to the youngest there.

A picture of some around her dining room table...also the desert and salad table. Here we see a couple who are family friends who bring the eldest sister-in-law, her nurse and her son the second oldest grandson.

Not sure who these people are. I think they are children and in-laws of the foster twin boys. Now my husband grandparents had eight children and several foster children. They had a set of idental twin daughters the youngest of their children and then they raised a set of idental twin boys who later legally changed their name to Campbell when they became adults. Now, two girls and two sons survive and one of the foster twins. In the back in the red vest is the youngest natural born son.
Here's some in the kitchen filling their plates. The lady up front is daughter or d-i-l of foster son, to the left is Aunt Julia's husband. By the fridge is on of the first cousins talking to the husband of his sister. You can catch a glimpse of the rolls I made for it.

I always take homemade rolls, barbeque and buns, and my Christmas baking leftovers. Here is what was half of an old family recipe for pound cake and black walnut cake a must have in my side of the family each Christmas since the mid 1800's at least.

Here in the living room is the oldest of the granddaughters with her brother's son holding the youngest great-great-grandchild and his wife holding their son who was born on the same day as our next to the youngest grandchild.

Here on the porch are some of my b-i-l's family. Standing is his youngest son talking his sister's husband and nephew's wife is sitting at the table. Also, here is tree she has on the porch.

Living room is one of DH's first cousins with her husband who came up from Savannah.

Here is one of the twin girls the youngest of the children and her twin's (deceased) son. He came up from Atlanta, GA. At the kitchen table is the next to oldest grandson's wife.

The balding man is one of the twin foster sons. The lady is the aunt's whose home it is held. A cousin's husband and the cousin from Ga.

Aunt Julia is a collector. Here is a shelf in the family room with a few of her pitchers on a shelf.

Also in family room a collection of some of her hens on nest on top of Hoosier cabinet.

Here is the widow of the eldest brother. She's 93 or will be...not sure...and she tries to make it each year.

Here is picture of the tree in Aunt Julia's living room. This doesn't show it but she has a collection of lighted houses arranged in a village on a bed of snow beneath it. Most of these ornaments as well as on the porch tree she makes. And behind it you can see on of her paintings. She's very artistic.

Some of her collections on shelves in what was a closet where the doors have been removed in the family room.

And the floor of the said closet.
Here's a picture of our oldest granddaughters on sofa in family room at the reunion.
Here is a picture of our children and brother-in-law's children. It's rare when they are all together. On the front row is our oldest nephew who came from upstate NY, in the black dress is our youngest daughter, next to her in the red shirt is our middle daughter, in the turquoise is niece, behind them is nephew who lives here and our oldest daughter in the blue. Our youngest daughter is my only natural child the other two are my step-daughters who I raise.
And here are their children. Two are missing. One from NY had track meet and one who lives here not sure why he didn't come...he's 21 or 22 now. Ours are the tallest in blue shirt and the baby girl he's holding. The brown shirt boy holding one of our baby girl,s the girl next to him holding another of our baby girls. Next to them are b-i-l's granddaughter from NY and his two grandsons who live here in town. Behind them is b-i-l's granddaughter from NY. Next to her with the dark hair is our oldest granddaughter and next to her is b-i-l's oldest granddaughter who is much shorter as you can see than her younger cousins. She's the eldest in the picture. Her brother is the eldest of them all, not pictured.

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Laurie said...

What a wonderful family Elaine, we haven't had a reunion in some time, 60-80 is the turnout we usually get. It's so fun to catch up on everyones lives and adventures. I love the trees, and the closet with collectables is an inspiring idea! HMMMMM. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it.