Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My brother-in-law and his first wife were divorced and he remarried when my husband and I started dating and got married. He and his first wife had three children together. Over the years she and I would chat about the kids, family happenings, etc. our friendship grew and we refer to each other as my sister-in-law to other people.

What is so funny is we both worked at the same department store in our town back many years ago.

When she and her second husband lived in the same time they would be out eating and my husband and I would show up at the same place, or we'd be out eating and they would show up at the same place. We used to joke and say OK where are we going to eat next week.

We both notify each other when we know of someone who is in need of prayer and offer up prayers for those people.

We both love all aspects of sewing.

We both took Home Economics eighth grade through our senior year.

Our first sewing projects were done on borrowed treadle sewing machines.

We both got our first very own electric sewing machines for Christmas when we were in the eighth grade.

We both had asked for them but our parents felt it was just a whim and we had no idea we would get one. Neither of us those Christmas mornings saw the machine and the last thing after gifts had been opened they appeared. Rather like The Christmas Story and Ralphy finally gets his beloved BB Gun.

We both used those machines until we wore them out. We later got a much better machine that we both still love and use. She got a Janome and I got a Bernina. Then in 2000 we both got new Bernina's which were the top of the line at the time.

Now we are both dreaming about the 830 though we both don't want to put out that much money with the economy the way it is and feel we really don't use our machines to their full capability and wonder if we'd use that one to it's full capability. But we visit it at our dealer's quilt shop and dream of the day...


The Quilt Buddy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

andsewon said...

Now that is an awesome story!!!
Sisters of the heart for sure.
Yes I too would love a new Bernina with stitch reg, etc.. not so much embroidery stuff, just the sewing stuff but not in my budget either.
Maybr we willwin one from Quilt Show. We are going on Sunday this year last day.