Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pay It Forward

I just signed up for a Pay It Forward on my blogger friend Lola's blog ...And Sew On. She makes wonderful projects. Hope I get picked for it. Pay it Forward is referred to in Blogland as PIF.

ANYHOO...the idea is when someone does a good deed for you in return you do a good deed for three other people....hence the name paying it forward. I thought I'd do one too.

In the blog world what you do is post it on your blog...the first three people to sign up get a gift from you that you have made. Besides making a something you may want to include a little crafting/sewing gift (perhaps a pattern, magazine, some fat quarters, special thread, etc.)

The gift you make can be something you enjoy making or something you've tailored to the reciplicant's likes based on what you read on their blog.

I will send out my gift sometime within the next three months to the three people I pick. And in return the three people I pick must post on their blog a Pay It Forward/PIF and send a gift to three people who sign up for their PIF on their blog.

1 comment:

Sarita said...

Yeah, I am the first one to leave you a comment! I have been wanting to participate for the longest time but didn´t have a blog until now. Please confirm I am in so I can experiment posting the PIF sign in my blog.
Thank you!