Saturday, November 22, 2008

Scrappy Crumb Quilts

Ok, Laurie from Buttons 'n' Lace and Chip's Place emailed me I hadn't posted in a here goes... I've read about Crumb Quilts on various blogs and sites. I decided that is just up my alley. I have TONS of SCRAPS that I just can't bear to toss in the trash so this is perfect idea for me. I read several methods and just more or less took some ideas from them and came up with what works for me.

I have taken a Scrap Therapy Cutting Workshop where we cut three different size squares. And previous I was cutting my scraps using Bonnie Hunter's method. So I had lots of odd pieces and shapes of fabric crumbs. These Crumbs (the smallest I use is one-inch square) I picked one randomly from basket and sewed it to a strip, grab another and sew it. Whack apart with either scissors or rotary cutter to even up the edges...this wasn't perfect didn't use a ruler just eyeballed it. Sometimes I sewed those to a strip, or to each other and on and on.

Today I decided I needed a break been wrapping gifts for Christmas...been cleaning out the pantry (though you'd never know it) and some kitchen cabinets around the stove area. Really need to hit under the cook-top again and declutter it. At least for a few days it's clean and organized. I'm sure with Thanksgiving cooking won't stay that way long!!! SO-OO I sewed I took some of those odd sized squares for lack of better description and added some here and there to make them basically 10 inch squares. Well, only got two 10 inch squares and a bunch of smaller squares.

These are really random...sometimes the fabrics clash, sometimes the same fabric next to each other. Doesn't really matter. Seams are not straight. This is not rocket science. And QUILT POLICE are NOT ALLOWED!!! The pieces are crooked. One piece of fabric may be narrower or wider at one end or side than the other....

I'll try to get some pics and and them to this posting within a couple days.

I am trying to decide if to just sew these blocks together or to cut into even square blocks with square ruler and use sashing. The idea is for me to make three doll quilts for the three youngest granddaughters...2-1/2, 1-1/2, and 2 months...Figure I might as well do one for the baby while making them for her big sisters dollies.


Laurie said...

O.K. Elaine! Can't wait to see the pictures, always looking for different ways to use up scraps!

andsewon said...

Hummm... knew about your class so
look forward to see what you learned...;-)
Right now I give my collected scraps to a neighbor that hand pieces during the winter.
I do have another basket started though...!