Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Stocking Swap--it's in the mail ! ! !

Today I mailed the stocking I made for the swap off to Merry ole England! Or is it Jolly ole England? A first for me to mail something internationally.

We were to make a string stocking using this free pattern . We were to use scraps from our stash of Christmas fabrics. Purchase gifts to put into the stocking and mail it off by November 15 so they would arrive in plenty of time for the reciplicant to hang for Christmas. When I mailed it I was afraid I was a day or two late...I was thinking the 11th...but Post Offices closed here for Veteran's Day and yesterday I wasn't able to get to the Post Office.

I forgot to take a picture of the stocking before mailing...

However, after I mailed it I took picture of the fabrics

Which were cut into these

We were to spend around $15 for the items we used to stuff the socking. I bought a little fabric cutter. One I have never seen before. I bought one for myself too but yet to try it out. I put in a two metallic spools of thread, one regular sewing thread, various types of quilting pins, a marker, one of the things to clean and heal rotary cutting mats, a fat eighth of fabric and some pieces of Christmas theme ribbons. Some of the items I wraped in some scraps of fabric which a few I pinned with the curved quilting safety pins. I lined the box I shipped it in with two fat quarters of fabric.

The stocking turned out much smaller than I expected it to be. The next time I use this pattern I will add seam allowance to it and use the cutting line as the stitching line. I also didn't make the holly decoration at the cuff. I had purchased the gifts before sewing the stocking. I was afraid they would not fit into the stocking. One item I purchased didn't so I added the thread and the cutter in place of the item that wouldn't fit. I hope she is pleased and not disappointed with it.

I'm looking forward to recieving my stocking this secret pal made for me. This is my second swap. The first one was a bust...I made a Halloween Apron, bought a few little items I included in the package and mailed it off to Texas and that lady has yet to send me the apron she was to make for me. I emailed her I had not received it, if lost she may want to file insurance claim if she insured it. NOT word one from her. I don't now expect to ever see it.

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