Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas---Are You Getting Ready?

Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? I love Christmas! I get crazy, over tired, etc., but I still love every aspect about it!

I have taken down my witches I had outside for Halloween. The pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows, mums, etc., are still out there.

I have been Christmas Shopping and seeing the daylight to finishing that part of it. I have started wrapping. Going to spend an hour wrapping in a few minutes.

Yesterday we did one of our Christmas traditions...attend the Virginia Christmas Show at the Showplace in Richmond. A great craft show for lack of a better word. More of a Bazaar. In a few weeks my favorite Christmas show is Bizarre Bazaar. DH, DD, and three DGD's drove up for it. DH pushed stroller with 1-1/2 and six week old DGD's. The 2-1/2 DGD walked around with one or the other of us. Ladies from Charleston, SC were there with their wonderful Charleston cookies. I bought small bag of each type as I couldn't decide. The wonderful Amish lady from PA was there with her wonderful bake goods. She also had some placemats, potholders, hotpads and beautiful wooden spoon angels. Always load up on her goodies. Got a darling sweatshirt for one of the DD's. Some garden flags. A first for me I didn't buy some type of jewelry there! Nor did I buy a totebag or purse.

Now to go do an hour of wrapping!

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Laurie said...

OK, I need to get busy! I'm inspired to get going, only 3 paydays til Christmas! AAAHHH!
Have Fun!