Saturday, November 1, 2008


A few pics taken on Halloween. The 2-1/2 year old is a butterfly...note the teacher put it on her backwards....I can't imagine two people dressing 14 or so children who are 2 year old in their it's the schools Halloween Parade. Teachers and staff dress up too! The wings are suppose to be on the back. The 1-1/2 year old is the pumpkin.

Note the peanut pumpkin DD got it for me at the College Run Farm's Pumpkin Patch. It looks like it is covered with peanut shells. Next to the 2-1/2 year old.

Six week old frowning while napping in her carrier. She's dressed in a fleece pumpkin p.j.'s.

1-1/2 playing ball with some cousins.
2-1/2 year old sampling some treats Auntie brought by for her.

The slowest Halloween in years last night. Really disappointing. The grandbabies came. As did one of their cousins. Then some children, about four, I didn't know all dressed up adorable with parents walking with them down the street. We have a curfew so it stops at eight. About ten after a group of five young-men friends with the grandsons came by so I let them LOAD UP...less to temp me. I always give out full size candy bars and usually have a lot of repeat customers from previous years. Some parents are bringing their children, who tricked or treated here when they were kids.

A lot of grouches out there this year...all the trick or treaters said along with DSIL who took his brother's children with his around last night said only three out of 12 -14 houses were participating on the streets in walking distance from where we live. I noticed it on our street. What irks me is a neighbor I love dearly....she always gave out candy when her grandchild was of age but now she turns her lights out and pretends not to be home. Two houses the widowed men living there are getting close to 90 or there already and VERY FEEBLE...don't expect them to but healthy active people come on now!!! I feel if my kids or grand kids ever participated or heck myself as a kid then it's payback time folks. One thing if it's busy and you run out then OK....but it's SLOW in this area as it is...One bag of candy will take care of it.

Now some asked for updates on Miss Daisy...she still has the UTI a year later. After two different medications one she couldn't take because of reaction she had to it. Apparently it's a chronic condition she has learned to live with the best she can. BUT it can cause kidney damage and her lab work is normal but low normal. So we are on a new to us medication. Bad news is it can cause blindness that isn't reversible. But it appears of on a lower dosage it doesn't happen. She's on the lowest dosage once a day for a month. Call in two weeks to talk to doctor. Take her back in a month for a repeat of the lab work.

I love craft shows. One of my favorites has always been Plantation Christmas at Chippokes Plantation in Surry. DH, DD, 3 DGDs and I went to it today. I have never been so disappointed. First time in my life I did not make a purchase...well I did have an apple dumpling to eat and bought some food for the others with me. In past years a lady from PA had been there with her gorgeous baskets. I always left with one or two huge ones. Another lady always there with items made from damaged quilts...pillows, dolls, etc. Always bought some pillows or Santas or Snowmen...she wasn't there. Only saw one snowman head with a carrot nose sticking way out that I thought about purchasing, didn't see a price tag but a candy corn looking pillow was rather over priced so I didn't bother to find out the price for the snowman's head. One both of some quilt throws and quilt totebags. I did love those but something I can make. DH said he thinks he'll take that show off our list of those we attend. Normally we go of Friday but because of the Parade we decided to go today. We actually thought more would be there today...not busy at all.
Well, the Richmond Christmas Show at the Showplace is next weekend and then the first of December is the MECCA Bizarre Bazaar. . . my favorite along with the Newport News Fall Festival. Also heard the people who used to do the William and Mary Christmas show are having one soon at a motel in Williamsburg...or someone doing one with a lot of those old vendors. That was a small show but wonderful items.


Laurie said...

The kids are adorable!! How cute. I agree about the houses, my mothers street used to be crowded, but this year, out of 36 homes, only 9 gave out candy, aside from 2 of them, they were at moms' end of the street, which is 1/2 mile long. The only kids she gave out candy to were the grand-kids.
I hope your dog does better, they respond pretty well to the medication.

andsewon said...

Oh how sweet they are!!!! Yes seems nothing is the same anymore.
Folks in Smithfield said same thing.
Did not go to Surry this year and will not go up to Richmond this weekend, my partners in crime are busy...;-)
I hope to get some Christmas sewing underway soon. Today is my BD and I have a GiveAway on my blog so check it out!!!